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CONTENTS. Service Manual ECG C Contents The CE mark is applied only to the ECGL/M/N Electrocardiograph. This equipment complies. Service Manual ECG Composition. · To order a replacement assembly above, use the Code No. · To order a replacement component inside an. View Homework Help – Nihon_Koden_Cardiofax_ECG_-_Repair_manual from BA at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. ECGL.

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A faulty thermal head can cause some parts at a certain position to be unevenly or incompletely printed. The System test, Adjustment and Setting section in this service manual describes the maintenance that should be performed by qualified service personnel.

Sound volume can be changed properly. Eliminate the malfunction before replacing the fuse. To make the check jig, shortcircuit the pins as shown below.

The Test level 1 is called up and the instrument is in standby mode for entering the system test number. The test of one set takes about 5 seconds.

China splicer battery China oem replacement battery China battery huizhou. Replace the key board. Faulty ECG control board. Thermal head is ecv. Never use this cardiograph in a high-pressure oxygen medical tank. Any potential difference between instruments may cause electrical shock to the patient and operator. Failure to follow this caution may cause the cardiograph to fall over or cause battery liquid leakage.


Install the local language. Normal The motor is faulty.


Clean the thermal head with the thermal head cleaner pen. Removing the Thermal Head and Motor Assy When the cardiograph operates on battery power and large leakage current is input from the connected external instrument, ground the cardiograph or use an isolation transformer for 99620l external instrument. No No Set the recording paper. The illustration below shows the location of the paper sensor.

Even if the same 9260l is applied to the thermal head, the recording quality varies due to the difference of the thermal head resistor value. No ECG waveform appears in all channels or artifact appears on the waveform. Internally powered equipment Degree of protection against electric shock: Failure to follow this warning may cause explosion or fire.

Clean the thermal head. Replace the paper magazine.

962l0 While executing this test item, the instrument generates dummy 12 lead ECG resting waveforms until the power of the instrument is turned off.

The instrument returns to the standby mode for entering the system test number. Do not subject the battery pack to a strong mechanical shock.

Otherwise, the substance inside the battery leaks out and the battery pack explodes.

10 Lead EKG Cable Connector Fit Nihon Kohden Cardiofax Banana 4 15pins Connector

Customized battery packs and private logo service are available. We warmly welcome your sample testing. Remove the two M3 pan screws with washers and four M3 spacer bolts which fasten the shield plate to the lower casing and remove the shield plate. This is because service personnel need to understand the operation of the instrument in order to effectively use the information in the service manual.

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Recording resolution setting1 Recording resolution setting2 Recording resolution setting3 Recording resolution setting4 Recording resolution setting5 Recording resolution setting6 Recording resolution setting7 Recording resolution setting8 Recording resolution setting [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] Label: Waveforms and letters are clearly recorded. When another cart is used, the cardiograph may fall off or the cart may tip over.

If the above suggested remedial actions do not solve the problem, consult your Nihon Kohden Corporation subsidiary or distributor for additional suggestions.

Replace the battery fuses with a new one. To make the check jig, use the two 3. Do not heat the battery pack.

If the power is on, turn it off. Do not immerse the battery pack in water or seawater. Egc most of the boards in the instrument are multilayer boards with surface mount electrical devices SMDa special tool is required to remove and solder the electrical devices on it.

Operation panel is not torn or broken. This will help us to promptly attend to your needs. Removing the Battery Pack 1. The lithium battery is completely discharged.