Dust Rob Bell [Video Download] by Rob Bell. This file contains NOOMA , Dust in MP4 format. The MP4 video file format is meant for playback on a. I’ve watched a number of the NOOMA videos, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen Dust. I have heard the sermon that it’s based on however, and therein. Directed by Santino Stoner. With Rob Bell. NOOMA Dust (). 12min | Short | Video 1 August · Add a Plot» Credited cast: Rob Bell Himself.

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I have already been talking to the Time Magazine religion editor about this so called sensational find. You are commenting using your WordPress. Bell does let scripture speak for itself. Comment by Jamie — February 18, 4: We must be like the Bereans, who listened to Paul, then checked what he said against the Scriptures. He will give you the strength and the courage to live out this faith in a world of temptation, trial and opposition.

In other words, I’ve heard of categories such as critical [ICC], popular [Life Application], pastoral [Pulpit Commentary], and exegetical [Baker], but what are the sub-categories [if that is what you call them? They are for entry level discussion, and yet they do not lack meat. Notify me of new posts via email. Comment by Stephen — February 24, 8: Are you willing to retract your support of Rob Bell now that Love Wins is out?

Ben Witherington: Rob Bell’s Nooma Videos

They were so moved by them they invited family and friends to watch. Nonetheless, I find this concept somewhat straightforward. If God knows you can then you really have no reason to doubt yourself, do you?


He has faith in you to be His instrument to carry out His plans and purposes in your generation. Nooma the music in the background sounds like Alanis Morrisette, only less whiny, or maybe Jennifer Knapp with the acoustic stuff. Here’s a heads up- James Camaron has found Jesus’ tomb, along with his whole family. Comment by Dave Smith — November 28, 9: You can live this Christ-following life.

This site uses cookies. And yet Jesus had a group of very loyal women disciples. Bell in a slightly more recent picture. Here is that video I mentioned… http: Email required Address never made public.

Rob Bell in his pre-minstry days, at 18 months. I remember that video, and it was a good message, an encouraging message. In addition, his statement about God believing in us is totally unscriptural. And here is an important point women certainly did not have the privilege of doing the same sort or degree of Torah study as men. That is all he was teaching. But the subject of this dist is revenge. I agree with you fully.

Do you remember the name? Even though somethings in the videos some may not relate or dusr it always seems to leave a lasting mark on them. Rob is at his best when he is relating his own personal experiences to the Scriptures, and here he is dealing with his son lying to him about something he had taken from someone and then again about hitting his brother. Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — April 17, 9: Peter sees Jesus walking on water and decides he can do that, too.

I’ve been using the nooma videos at my church and they seem to strike a chord everytime its played for small groups. I’d like to read that. Posted by Ben Witherington at 2: Jesus call was grounded in his own nature, not Peters.


And what sermon was that based on? Perhaps they are hampered by lack of self-confidence, nomoa they are harboring secret sin. Up until this debate started, the commonly held prime interpretation of this passage was xust Peter took his eyes of Jesus. We’ve known of this stuff sinceand it is highly unlikely it has any connection with the historical Jesus.

Indeed, it does and it should. I cannot think of one Scripture that tells us we should believe in ourselves. Not only was Jesus not a rabbi, like later rabbis, but neither was anyone else really before 70 A.

NOOMA Dust 008 Rob Bell – Trailer

Do you get it now? Comment by Berean — April 17, 7: This is the factor that makes countless thousands millions?

Since I have already critiqued this point on the blog, I do not wish to belabor the point. Otherwise, it sounds pretty much like western Evangelical rust with a social conscience and concern. But there is no mistaking he has interacted deeply with the first principles of the Gospel, like forgiveness.

In fact, as Rob stress by loving others one is loving God. But they are not pure. Self is the God of the New Age.