BORDEIANU, Dumitru: Mărturisiri din mlaştina disperării [Confessions from the Slough Mărturii din iadul temniţelor comuniste [Confessions from the Hell of the . Dumitru Bordeianu Marturii Din Mlastina Disperarii. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Statistical Analysis With ArcView GIS. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Uploaded by. Paul · Gafencu. Uploaded by. Paul · Uploaded by. Paul .

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In the prison in Aiud, I was much punished, in black cells, in the cellar, and in the severe arrest by the political officer, lieutenant-colonel Ivan, [Read approximately: He wanted to provoke me, reminding me of some mistakes from our past, in order that in that manner he made me speak.

To our surprise, diwperarii from soldiers, wardens, investigators and beaters, there were photographers as well.

Nmarturisiri din mlastina disperarii pdf

You could not read, however, in his eyes the assurance of power, of self-possession, of ar- rogance and pride, but the attitude of a servant servile towards the principal butcher. Timing the investigation to his name-day, and comparing him with Stephen the Great also suggest that he was considered a potential leader of the clandestine political opposition in the Romanian communist state.

Anyway, he tolerated those crimes, and knew from where the orders came! The working class feed us the bandits for nothing. However, that could not be sufficient as compared with the demands for such wanted murders.


And yet, he was sen- tenced to seven years of correctional imprisonment, a sentence with significance, as also according to the plan he had to be used in that time. Shin lim blows minds with unbelievable card magic americas got talent duration.

Among those, there were honest men as well. It was he who had directly led the disclosures by orders of Nicolski.

I heard as at a more powerful strike his facial bones were cracked. With this book, Disperaroi also present a list of persons involved in that. He was doing that operation all the time we talked.

The arrestation of the legionaries 12 3. This is corroborated by a certain forcing of the assertion of the idea that the concrete forms of torture were invented by the main torturer prisoners themselves. Up to August1 have published the following: Among others, they promoted the replacement of the love of Christianity with the hate designed by the communist regime for the members of the Legionary Movement. After having finished my beating, he said to all: Entering, I was re – ceived by a security officer, who conducted me at the first bench.

Documentar. Marturii din mlastina disperarii Video (Author: Dumitru Bordeianu)

Therefore, it is probable that the respective authorities on psychology and psychiatry were contacted or accepted to do that job only without leaving written or other kinds of tracks.

It’s me that will destroy it. Only that the ‘bandits’ did not succeed in misleading the party, which udmitru its vigilance discovered the plot in time, following to punish the guilty. He played cards doubly or triply: Further, it seems to me that the inven- tion of those concrete forms of torture is conditioned upon a thorough knowledge of the Christian ideo- logy and human psychology.


All seemed to me unreal, and the physical strengths had left me. Stupid and full of sadism, he boasted that formed a part of the group of Gheorghiu-Dej, and was a railwayman of the CFR, just as that. Of course, they must have known that the probability of this alternative was low, but reasonable was to try it. I still added to tell mother that it might be that she would never sin me what did happen: At him, I had always observed a special respect that he bore to me.

He had blue eyes, a congruent forehead, a puffed-up nose, and a middling stature of athlete. And even in those cases, the murder had to be relatively masked.

As a result, Cristescu was saved from prison. The working class has no mercy: Each of us was tortured in order to become aware of having no possibility to evade that moral ‘prostitution.

They provide an example of how can be constituted martufii operated some kinds of national secret political organizations within an open state apparatus.