äv Drakborgen II (x) . 1 häfte med övriga regler (innehåller undantagsfall och ett spelexempel) Batalj – regler på engelska (från The Gaming Dumpster). Stort utbud brädspel, figurspel, kortspel och rollspel för alla spelare. Bäste läsare av dessa regler, utan tvivel är du ivrig att komma igång med typ Finans, Drakborgen, Sjörövarön, Bondespelet, Jorden Runt På 80 Dagar osv.

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GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Actually, I’m also looking for scans. It’s a bit of both, though of course it’s possible to share them for reasonable reasons. Add tags Tags separate by space: Tags separate by space: Drakboggen supported because… ” Temba, his arms wide.

I have scans of every single piece of artwork of the Swedish edition, but the dra,borgen are huge, and it’s nothing I can just mail to any place. Log in or Register to download files. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Files | BoardGameGeek

Zak Pak – Swedish rules. Drakboregn – Final days of an Empire. But when I did my fan-remake, it was with the blessing of the original artist and designer, and I don’t want these files to go out just everywhere.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. However, please note that these are scans of the art.

I have it here on this computer, but it’s not in English.

drakborgen regler pdf printer

Neutrala kort Inspirerad av Jason Matthews https: Some 20 or thereabouts. Recent Title Hot Language: FWIW, I’ll just post it here, it’s in Swedish; you could probably google translate it to get something out of it:. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

PayPal is acceptable, PM me if you wish. Note that the German edition uses the same artwork.

It was for placing the art on new cards. I’m pretty sure that I posted that list. This is the grayscale version in Swedish.

Made for printing on A4 paper – cut off the white part at the bottom after printing, so that the rules will fit in the box. Please select a support frequency. There are no differences in rules at all, that I know of.

Since many of theese questions were raised I figured it would reglerr stupid not to share them when the answers were written down digitaly. Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Anyway, it looks like I have a serious loss: A short description in said language will now follow. In fact, it is. Maybe we could combine our incomplete materials.


Dungeon Quest: Revides Edition – Brädspel – Strategi – Drakborgen

Not finished though, I think, so there will probobly be an uppdate [Edit] Sorry for the. Learn More I supported because… ” Temba, his arms wide. It’s in Swedish, so it’s probably not of any use to drwkborgen of you, but I thought I’d upload it anyways.

The German edition is, that I know of, identical except that the characters were from the English version, and they’d painted small skulls onto the trap room tiles.

I have only 53 room tiles and cards in total. Geek Market Trades Geek Store. I’ve uploaded a previev to the images as well. Please select a support frequency. Rex – Final days of an Empire V1.

It contains some additional info that I found useful to put there.

Twilight Struggle – svenska regler. Text and everything has been removed. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.