Dragonmech: Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some. This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors. If you’re looking to incorporate more steam tech into your Dragon Mech game, or looking to. Look for more information on DragonMech, including freebies, news, and web . Steam Warriors has what you need to bring host of advancement options.

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Ah, but at least they adressed that. New steam powers and magic. The cogworm must either name a specific person or a person with a specified talent or ability to search for.

The Iron Giantkiller is an anti-mech specialist. It can be learned by other languages, but it is extremely difficult and costs twice as many skill points as usual. It’s basically used like a shoulder-fire weapon, and what it does is fire a cone of cold when triggered, hitting anything in a cone 30 feet long. You can make a melee or ranged touch attack at AC 10 in a gear forest to produce an environmental hazard at the spot you hit, and if you do so from hiding it takes a DC 20 Knowledge or Craft check to tell someone caused it in the first place.

But in this campaign, wargiors they have suffered disastrously from refugee invasions, their innovation has in fact made them able to rebound dramatically, catapulting them into a level of political and social power rarely seen. Well, the power of steam engines were limited in our world because they could not contain the heat and pressure as well as the modern combustion engine.

Some notes – Create Parts is a level 2 Wizard spell that literally just summons a pile dragonnech like gp of gears that vanishes after an hour.


Then you attach it to the nervous system, which can be natural or cybernetic. They often help the criminals and workers on a citymech in exchange for service in removing threats to the mech itself or a promise to avoid certain areas.

All in all, not a bad mech class. Prestige classes are ddragonmech than just new options for draagonmech characters. Take the Cogmorph from above–the class grants the power to combine artificial limbs into bigger artificial limbs.


It makes an area around it colder, allowing people to withstand temperatures up to degrees F without having to make any saves. Each one gives inherent bonuses to game stats and showcases some of the potential of the mechanical aspects of the game.

They have low-light vision, and their favored class is clockwork ranger. A secondary engine you attach to a primary one to take over if the primary fails. We also get a story about two chatterboxes made by two rival dwarves, several generations ago.

At 10th level, when piloting a Huge or smaller mech, the Mech Templar can add their saves to those of the mech, and may use any special powers or feats they have with the mech at the GM’s discretionessentially treating their mech as their body while piloting. Through his personal magnetism and shrewd political maneuverings he united the scattered nomadic humans of the plains to form a powerful nation that is solely for humans. These are as varied as the Necroborg undead and powered by a steam enginethe Lunarborg whose physiology is being altered by burning a substance in his enginethe Chainmuscle who gains great physical toughness, improves his combat ability, and improved attributes as he replaces more of his bodyand the Ghostgear who combines the steamborg with lethal stealth.

Reconnecting is harmless but a full action. Lunarborgs are also immune to Con damage from moonstone gas. As a result, any effort by leaders to get rid of cogworms tends to run into a lot of resistance, and even the Legion has been unable to capture and remove the little guys.

Even competing is an honor, and only those that fail to finish a race are truly defeated If their HP hits zero, they lose a level and are considered dead but can be resurrected by repair. I’m not expecting a clear answer from Shrapnel since it was probably off-the-cuff gibberish and not something with scientific basis.

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It takes an energy source and distributes it over an area, but weakens it. When inactive, it’s a normal shield, and when active, it’s an exoticm elee weapon that deals 1d6 damage and x3 crit. Once the baby is assembled, the parent, steak, “mysteriously imparts a portion of its essence into the child, bringing it to life.


They think of themselves as naturally superior because of their augmented minds. This one wants to replace warrriors brain with a machine in order to upgrade it. If combined with identifiers or imagemakers or whatever, however, you can make it only open for certain saliva or images or voice prints or code words or whatever you want, really.

Retracting the staff is harder – it takes DC 20 Str check to force it back down. Their paranoia is easily the biggest difference between them and their halfling cousins, and most lack the halfling fear resistance. Now, pressure could be a problem still, if it weren’t for the dwarven pressure tank, a small metal sphere at the heart of the engine.

As yet, only four are known to exist – two on Nedderpik, one on Durgan-lok and one stowed away on Haven. The less dedicated are just crazy guys with implanted mech controls, but the dragonmfch and most insane are basically a brain in a mech.

This stacks with any levels you already had in druid, and if you have none, starts you off as a 1st level druid. At 6th level, the Lunarborg has begun transforming.

However, once the gear is hooked up, anyone can use it and its attached powers as a standard action So I guess this review is focused on “Was this worth the space, either mechanically or conceptually? This is a race whose origins are unknown, but several options are included ssteam those who want to customize them for their own campaigns.

Most are humans, as longer-lived races tend to be in less of a rush or less willing to sacrifice their personalities to the altar of steamborg self-loss. Questions aren’t limited to yes-or-no answers So, what does it take to be a cogworm?

They have an intense rivalry with anklebiters, but generally do not encounter them often.

The slathem have not been too terribly affected by the lunar rain. A Ref save gives half damage