Dracula Spectacula – Show synopsis – Shows D. There are plenty of good parts , a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that makes this an attractive. is the Marsden Year of the Musical and Dracula Spectacula, to be held in There are plenty of good parts, a sizzling score and a fresh, hilarious script that. The Dracula Spectacula (). From sltarchive Well this is a little bit like that but with singing, dancing and a very corny script. For those of.

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They put time and effort into it.

The Dracula Spectacula

Dont no what play you sore? Or was that you too trying to balance your review? This page has been archived and is no longer updated. I think it is unfair that whoever wrote this, only commented on the negative points of the show very over-exaggerated points ,and didnt think to comment on the outstanding scenery and choreography! So draculz i disagree with everything youve written. And then Dracula himself appears, in amongst a sea of comedy accents oh, did I forget the ‘crazy’ Irish catholic priest?


Fairy TalesFriendshipLove.

Dracula Spectacular

Overall the play shouted out with genius, aptitude and expertise. It certainly looked like the children enjoyed being part of the show, and isn’t it what this should be about? Additional Info In this bubbling modern extravaganza for the young, the immaculate Miss Nadia Naive and her three pupils are swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes.

The Dracula Spectacula or “Fang’s ain’t what they used to be” A spooky musical. Fairy TalesFriendshipLove. Its better than having them drunk on the streets of South Street in real life.

The acting was great. Casting 24boy s or girl s. I think it is amazing Path Created with Sketch.

BBC – Berkshire – Entertainment – Review: Dracula Spectacular

Mr Harold obviously missed the point of the whole thing maybe? That people paid money to see this show is astonishing enough, but that they should be asked to pay to see it is staggering. Draccula French The Dracula Spectacula.

Paul Goulding Your reviewer is too harsh I agree the show got off to a slow start but found it entertaining. Please take this into account, xx Christine I personally think you’re being very pesssimistic.

Moviestorm – Dracula Spectacular

I really dont agree with this at all. Dream Street The Musical. Matt Whitelock Being the director for this show I could not help but respond to this review, I know reviews are seldom accurate and should be taken with a pinch of salt but I do know his opinion helps form other peoples.


Michael Howard I am dracjla at these comments we must have seen different shows? A Nother How Ironic!! Rick Hip-FloresBen H. Considerations Cautions No Special Cautions. Have your say here: Ro Ro I did go 2 c the show and mi lil bro was in it ans i thourght it was amazing!!!!! For a start i feel all your comments are over exaggerated and unfair. I must also take he has no children of his own or infact works with young people? Sign In Scrit have to sign in before you share your experience.

Although sometimes, off-putting, singing was aided by people singing off-stage, but this just added to the volume of that on stage.