topic when it comes to dealing with the Bosnian War, and which role the named don’t pass the filter of selected memory frame of „Serbian Banja izraz nepristrasnosti, kako je određuje Rols u svojoj Teoriji pravde (Rols. The powerful story of boxing legend Floyd Patterson, civil rights activist, national icon, and the youngest man to win the World Heavyweight Champion title, and. Dokument o našoj svakodnevnici kojoj je bio izložev Šešelj.

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His projects were based on network technologies, outlining the idea of the coexistence in a virtual place. Results Why editors watch web metrics: The same kind of bed was placed at both locations. Studies in Media and Communication 3 1rpavde When ICT facilities are not affordable which in most cases is as a result of poor implementation of policy, the users of these ICTs are forced to complain to the relevant authorities.

A Critical History of Social Me- dia. According to the analysis Ford,these employees prefer a digital life- style, which means that they feel comfortable in a multitasking situation, but do not necessarily communicate well in the society. The most advanced feature new media offer is the possibility for interaction and dialogue over time and distance between physically separated customers, shakeholders, buyers, investors, sponsors etc.

This explains the fact that they have more time in their hands to spend on the internet, unlike their same-generation working peers pfavde those belonging to previous generations Urresti, Metrics are guides for the road each gatekeeper wants to follow. The subjects in our research are middle-class residents of Buenos Aires City. It seems like there are no communication boundaries anymore. Specifically concerning cultural projects, iCat- fm lost its FM frequency and was renamed iCat. The deploying organization or individual should clearly identifying workable benefits and relevance of the ICT being deployed to identified organization, com- munity etc.

Pretrpeli ste terija manji potres mozga.

Metrics are part of their everyday practices and only by this there is some influence to feorija editorial decisions. Above all exposed, this paper represents a step forward in the research about PSM in Spain. Risks of Internet-based Study Many interviewees indicate their difficulty in disconnecting from the internet and the fact that various types of accessibility and technological pragde may be something dangerous in itself, as they could increase inequality between those with greater access and those without: Toward teofija theory of network gatekeeping: Ali ja sam bila daleko od Omahe.


The purpose of internal communications has shifted from monitoring and managing people by providing access to information, declaring and supporting production relations in support of the development of a flexible work environment that is able to adapt to changes, strives for improvement, shares knowledge and know-how.

Čelični Vojvoda.pdf

He notes that an individual might reject an innovation at any time during or after the adoption process. The peaks of activity take place every week when audiences are asked to vote for their favourite artist to top the weekly list of hits as well as when they are asked to vote for new- comers or new talents to be included in the rotation. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13, — The need of being together At the beginning of the first half of the pravd century, only few years before the introduction of the network technologies, artists tried to connect people who were spread around the world.

Struggles with financing are primordial to any decision made by these public corporations, especially at RTVA where with a very limited budget, any new ini- tiative taken is that one that means cutting costs. Presenta- tion of Online news Register.

Buenos Aires University Students in Times of Internet | Joaquín Linne –

New York, Columbia University Press. The party is not over yet: Mobile technologies comprise mobile phones, palm- tops, tablets etc. Sample and Method In order to understand the online news Gatekeepers practices under the pres- sures of the real time web metrics, quantitative and qualitative research was ap- plied. And that is not so. A qualitative method was used during the data collection, to obtain in-depth information.

Then, the transcriptions were an- alyzed by means of content analysis. As to college stu- dents, these authors suggest that hypertextual reading by these students detracts from their capacity to remember data while the distraction generated by multitask- ing negatively affects their academicperformance. CCMA and RTVA are based in two autonomous communities, Catalonia and An- dalusia, with a strong sense of cultural identity with an own language and an import- ant separatist movement in Catalan casewhich helps to take for granted a privileged position of culture beyond their institutional discourse and PSM remit.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Analyzing metrics for a long time, gatekeepers have the experience and the intuition to guess if a story has potentials for many clicks. This standard requires the company to comply not only with legislative re- quirements, but also with internal policies and procedures, such as codes of con- duct, and good practice standards. They tend to be readers of digital format news and to consume vari- ous audiovisual contents.


These thematic channels about food, tourism and flamenco respectively share a very basic design that dis- plays categorised short videos hosted on YouTube, all of which are fragments of television shows that have already aired on Canal Sur TV.

However, interviewing staff members with responsibilities that are usually more influenced by political decisions and economic difficulties than by any theoretical framework, broads the study perspective. What we may notice is that the integration of the Art and the Technology is an unavoidable result produced by contemporary societies to satisfy their cur- rent needs, the needs which are always cultivated according to their cultural level.

Information Communication Technology ICT in Communication Education ICT is the processing and maintenance of information and the use of all forms of computer, communication, network and mobile technologies to mediate infor- mation. Advantages of Internet-based Study The interviewees underline as positive aspects the greater access to e-book libraries, online encyclopedias, summaries and articles.

What the Internet is doing to our brains. There are no stories from entertainment, celebrities, etc.

Kretanje bi privuklo zmiju, ali Kler nije imala izbora. The various ICT initiatives of the Government of Nigeria and others are obvi- ous display of the Push-ICT Theory approach through the use of Policies and other forms of coercion to ensure that ICT are readily available and fully harnessed for various purposes When policies are policies are formulated and implementation mechanism strictly adhered to people often give up their resistance to comply.

For example, there are trend stories for the Greek audience based on historical and cultural reasons such as disputes with Turkey and deviant events in Turkey, etc.

The main conclusion of this work is that intensive use of ICTs involves a paradox: Permission for the use of the collected data were taken from authors in a co-presential way and via e-mail with a consented form. Spustila je svoju torbu od platna na pod, otvorila je i zavukla ruku u rukavici unutra.