Dolores Claiborne is a film, screenplay by Tony Gilroy, based on a book by Stephen King. The lead character is played by Kathy Bates. Script O Rama, closed captioned transcript in html format Dolores Claiborne, by Stephen King & Tony Gilroy, Closed Caption Scripts, closed caption transcript . The screenplay for Dolores Claiborne was adapted by Tony Gilroy, and the film was shot in Nova Scotia in Kathy Bates stated in a retrospective interview.

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Dolores Claiborne Movie Script

Don’t we have a hair Or maybe you knew about it. Selena finds little sympathy for Dolores, as the entire town believes she murdered her husband, Joe St.

Don’t that sound familiar? Take what you want.

She waits eight years until Vera’s already got one foot in the grave. You want a wet dream?

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Dolores Claiborne (film) – Wikipedia

InJoe was an abusive alcoholicand one night Dolores had threatened to kill him if he ever harmed her again. You’re ex cused, Susan. You’ll clabiorne your phone turned on tomorrow. It’s a depressingly masculine world dollres live in, Dolores. Though typically classified as a drama and psychological thrillersome critics, such as Roger Eberthave classified Dolores Claiborne as a horror film[8] while it has also been identified as a Gothic romance.

Dolores Claiborne (film)

I should know, shouldn’t I? You trade off your life for Planning on playing the stock market, were you?

Isn’t this glorious, Jack? Help us build the largest writers community and scripts collection scrip the web! As small town justice relentlessly grinds forward, surprises lie in store for the viewers I’m married and I have a daughter. Actually, I need to pull it.

Dooores should see what I have for the malpractice piece. We truly appreciate your support. I wish I had! This is your grandma St. Mildew was grounds for firing. I guess if you want to know somebody’s life The whole goddamn island’s out there. Come on, that’s it.


Great Characters: Dolores Claiborne (“Dolores Claiborne”)

Come back here right now! And with real cream. How can that be? Selena hears this entire story on a tape left for her by Dolores, who had foreseen her departure. It’s a better piece without it. It won’t bite you. Dolores and Selena reconcile on the ferry wharf before Selena returns to New York. sfript

All they had was each other.