Denon Professional DN-C Network CD Player Has some limitations, yet deserves serious consideration. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail . Items 21 – 26 DN-C Serial No. CAUTION. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT OPEN. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK,. DO NOT. The new DN-C from Denon Professional is, at the heart of it, a full-fea- tured, rack-mounted network CD player. But note the word “Professional” in the brand.

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Denon Dn-c Slot-in Network CD Player | eBay

The transport which seems to be an off-the-shelf Tohei unit is designed for high-reliability Differences were subtle, to be sure as they are between any two digital source components but dj Still, none of these detract from the usability of the player except to add a few buttons to the front fascia and the dj. Files LAN or Disc: Directories LAN or Disc: If you have files in your shared directory, you’ll have to click “next” 20 times before you see any tracks that start with the letter “M”.

Midrange Hz – 3,Hz.

It didn’t work if the remote directory was on a computer connected wirelessly to the network, but worked flawlessly with those connected by Ethernet cable. Running an Ethernet cable from the port on the rear of the D to a network router automatically assigns a dynamic IP address to the player.

The real reason to consider the DN-C is its network abilities, which I am geeky enough to be thoroughly excited by.

The headphone output, equipped with its own volume pot, is excellent. The main control screen only shows 20 tracks at a time, with only “next” and “previous” buttons for navigation. I know of no other player that does everything the DN-C does at all, let alone well, so it can be placed with confidence at the top of a very short audition list.


I thought so, and Denon Professional’s PR agents were nice enough to respond to my request for a review sample.

Sound The DN-C boasts one set of balanced outputs and two sets of unbalanced one with fixed output, the other variable by the unit’s front panel jog wheel. The DN-C’s few caveats will be more serious to some than to others.

The DN-C was c64 for use in radio stations, dance clubs, shopping malls playing background music, etc The manual doesn’t go out of its way to make this task easy for the networking newbie, but if you know enough to set up a home router, you can probably pull it off without too much trouble. Not much can be done about the unit’s cosmetics, but if a noisy digital out can be fixed with a firmware update, I assume the clunkier aspects of the unit’s UI can as well.

Sub-bass 10Hz – 60Hz. High Frequencies 3,Hz On Up. With the CD in hand, updating the firmware couldn’t be easier: Mid-bass 80Hz – Hz. Playlists can be created and saved locally, but the unit lacks any kind of searching, shuffle play, or sorting by artist, genre, etc.

After pointing this out to my contacts at Denon, I was informed that c460 firmware update had been released that cures the problem. I only tried the fixed outputs, but found their sound remarkably good: It is the unit’s network connectivity options that make it unique.

I couldn’t think of a way to effectively test the unit’s longevity other than playing it on “repeat” for a few weeks straight, which it 6c40 without breaking a sweat. Soundscape Cn Behind Speakers.

Denon Dn-c640 Slot-in Network CD Player

I f640 the web-based interface off a laptop connected wirelessly to my network I suppose you could do the same from a PDA or iPhone. Review By Clarke Robinson Click here to e-mail reviewer. That said, if you can live with the unit’s looks and don’t need it nd access a huge library of music files on your computer, the Denon deserves your serious consideration.


Compared to the best digital player I had on hand, my aging but highly regarded in it’s day F640 Technologies P-3A, the Denon boasted a top-end that was smoother and more extended, with d lifelike instrument timbres in the midrange, and bass that was slightly better defined and punchier.

While the on-screen display is far more usable than the front panel of any CD player I know of, it is c60 primitive compared to most any PC-based music application you may be familiar with, like iTunes or Winamp. The cue feature common to pro players, unheard of in consumer unitson the other hand, is mildly annoying until you modify its behavior in the player’s preferences. Soundscape Extension Into Room. The CD may be on its way out, but it is still the most popular medium for music distribution for the time being almost 6x that of digital download sales inso you’re still going to need one for the foreseeable future.

There are two digital outputs: Acoustic treatments include wall-wall carpet, curtains, and a large overstuffed sofa. Videos Enjoy the Music. Potentially even more crippling, the player cannot “see” more than files in a directory. Typical of a pro unit, it seems optimized vn higher-impedance headphones like my ohm Sennheiser HDs but still performed well with my 32 ohm, current-hungry Grado SRs.