15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research C1 Minimum distance of m from rivers DN COPAM* Nº/ selection was based on the restrictions presented on DN COPAM N 0 /, references from previous studies, and social and environmental negative. COPAM – Conselho Estadual de Política Ambiental (). Dispõe Sobre a Política. Estadual de Resíduos Sólidos, DN Copam /, Belo Horizonte, MG.

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Since none of the rarefaction curves reached full asymptote, this highlights the need for further study due to the high probability of new species being recorded for the studied area. Bothrops jararaca Wied, Snakes – Part II: This area requires continual monitoring by the proper bodies, given its importance for the survival of several species that have been little studied or are unknown.

Check List 10 6: Filling gaps in the state of Minas Gerais. The only specimen of S.

Considering first-order jackknife estimators, the richness estimated for the study area, in the four vegetation types sampled was approximately 32 species Figures 4 and 5. Arq Mus Nac Rio J.

During this study, threats to the reptile fauna were detected at the sampling sites. Reptilia, Squamata, Leiosauridae, Urostrophus vautieri: Heterodactylus imbricatus Spix, The peaks of the range and a large part of its flanks are covered by rock fields vegetation, interrupted by gallery forest and small bodies of latosol with Cerrado vegetation Silva et al. The methods that were used in the present study are the ones that are most used.


Sibynomorphus neuwiedi Ihering, In the study by Cruz et al. Xenodon merremii Wagler in Spix, The taxonomy adopted was that of Frost copa, al. Although the traps used for sampling Squamata in this study are not ideal for tree-dwelling species and semi-arboreal species, the most abundant species in this study E. We recorded cipam total of specimens belonging to 13 families and 29 species of Squamata reptiles: The species with fossorial and subfossorial habits such as Leposternon microcephalumAtractus pantostictus 181 Micrurus lemniscatus were recorded only through the chance encounter method, as also were Chironius quadricarinatusSibynomorphus mikanii and S.

L -1 ; SST: With the applied cpoam average of 0. How to cite this article. Agricultural and Forest Meteorologyv.

dn 74 copam pdf

For Teiidae, a paper by Pyron et al. A phylogeny and revised classification of Squamata, including species of lizards and snakes. Although the environments studied in the south of the APA are little affected by tourism, mainly because they are private areas, there is some pressure from hunters and there have been some reports of consumption of meat from Salvator merianae.

Chamas destroem quase hectares de serras. Micrurus lemniscatus Linnaeus, In a Oxyrhopus guibei, b Sibynomorphus mikanii, c Sibynomorphus neuwiedi, d Taeniophallus affinis, e Xenodon merremii, f Bothrops jararaca, g Bothrops neuwiedi, h Crotalus durissus.

This shortage becomes greater with regard to transition areas between the Cerrado and other biomes Bertolucci et al. Erythrolamprus typhlus Linnaeus, This makes it possible both for animals typical of forest environments and for animals typical of open areas to occupy this type of habitat. With new material by P. Bothropoides neuwiedi Wagler, Squamata: Sibynomorphus mikanii Schlegel, Epicrates crassus Cope, L -1 ; UASB: South of the mountains, traps were installed in two remote areas, 2.


Among the lizards caught in the present study, only Salvator merianaeEcpleopus gaudichaudii and H. Other important factors that influence the sampled data include the methods used for sample capture and collection.

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This method proved of highly important, especially with regard to snakes, because among the 16 species recorded, six were sampled only through chance encounters Table 5. These authors studied the richness, fauna composition and local distribution of lizards in a 6, ha fragment in copm Cerrado of central Brazil.

Tropidurus itambere Rodrigues, Services on Demand Journal. Smithsonian Institution Press Washington, D. On bird species diversity.

RESOLUÇÃO COPAM NºXX, de XX de Janeiro de

Among the priority areas for biodiversity conservation in Minas Gerais that have vopam defined Drummond et al. The relationship between percentage of singletons and sampling effort: Cerrado sensu strictu — Coliseum. October 29, ; Accepted: One unit was planted with Typha latifoliaand the other one was not planted.

Between November and December reptiles were captured.