Dilvish, the Damned [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strong spine with light wear and creasing, and small repair. Escaping from Hell was only the beginning for Dilvish and Black, his demonic metal horse. Finding Jelerak, the evil sorcerer who sent him to two hundred years . “Dilvish, the Damned” holds a place in a list of books and stories long avoided because of the people who recommended them. With this book.

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This is a collection of eleven short interconnecting stories from a great Master with the capital M of science fiction and fantasy written in sword and sorcery genre.

Fix-Up de relatos sobre el dakned escritos por Zelazny entre y y que continua en la novela La tierra cambiante. Some of the plot and oth A perennial favourite of mine, Dilvish is one of my comfort books, an old friend. And then there’s the comedy, little wry exchanges, that help to stamp Zelazny’s personal vision on the unfolding story. On the cover was a tacky action scene, a common eyeball-grabbing tactic of the era’s publishers.

Some time passes in here, and other events outside the focus dilvisu the stories are put to rest, ths I don’t see any reference to what happened to his special sword. In short, a set of classic fantasy adventure tales, hanging together because of the hero and the interactions with his sidekick, and the travels through the land, that can be as uncomplicated or complex as you choose to read into them.

I’d find a da,ned that grabbed my fancy, flip to the back for the summary, page through the first couple paragraphs, and then open to a random spot farther along to check if it was “still good” as it went on I’d been burned early on by too many authors who’d hook you with an amazing first chapter and then fizzle out long before the finale.


Not to say that Dilvish has it easy.

Dilvish’s needs are simple: The city of Dilfar was under siege, and only Dilvish, descendant of Selar, could raise the ghostly legions of Shoredan and bring them to its aid.

The chronology of the stories is fairly loose, but mostly consistent. He is at times a dolvish, at times a scoundrel or rogue.

Hohorga’s eyes were the eyes of a ruined god: I’d go weekly with da,ned few balled up dollar bills or pockets jingling with quarters and comb through for titles that weren’t likely to be shelved at my local library. The earlier ones, from the sixties, remind me of Lord Dunsany and Vance’s the Dying Earth, full of a sense of humorous wonder.

Dilvish, the Damned

He imprisoned Dilvish in Hell for two hundred years after Dilvish unwittingly interrupted one of Jelerak’s Utterly conventional fantasy from a master of the form. Dilvish the Damned Author s: Conan must be Elric’s dad.

My two cents’ to add to yours. This collection is not quite on the level with his best writings, but it is still worth reading provided you can find a copy of this hard-to-find book, especially if you are a fan of sword and sorcery genre. It’s dilvvish that the first few stories have more of the overwrought language reminiscent of Howard, while the later stories abandon this to some extent.

But is it really so conventional? A sorcerer is dillvish his immediate ‘To kill’ list. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. So maybe I have no idea what I like.

Where there had been darkness Roger Zelazny Book Review: Dilvish, the Damned

Newer Post Older Post Home. The stories fit into the context of Zelazny’s peers such as: I went through a fierce swords and sorcery phase as a pre-teen, as I think most American boys do. Views Read Edit View history. There are two different styles to the stories that make up this book.


Zelazny never entirely fulfilled his early promise -who could? Know that it was written that eyes would never see the blade that could slay me.

Whoever compelled them was one of the First, and powerful even in terms of the Mighty. All of them are good, but they do bear the hallmarks of the timeframe in which Zelazny wrote the This is a collection of stories which Zelazny wrote over a period of at least 14 years.

There was a miscellaneous short story and anthology pile where everything that defied easy categorization would end up. And I believe I recall that Krulik said that Zelazny approved everything in the book, but I’m not sure I believe that is actually the case. One story is told in an epic mode.

It is also said, though, that if his name be pronounced too often by one person, then he himself becomes aware of this and sends a doom upon that person. Oh, man, you’ve got to read Dilvish! Jan 19, Nikola Pavlovic rated it really liked it. He was well on his way to becoming a fine sorcerer, but whenever he worked at it he changed into something—quite unlikable. A guy called Dilvish tried to interrupt a dark ritual by a white wizard gone bad who cursed the former by turning his body into a statue and sending his spirit straight to Hell – I mean the literal place.