A complete manual for making high quality digital negatives for contact printing on alternative photographic processes. Describes two different. A complete manual for making high quality digital negatives for contact printing on alternative photographic processes. Describes two different methods, one. : Digital Negatives for palladium and other alternative processes ( ) by Ron Reeder and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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At this point the black and white regions of the step tablet image have been set to pure black and pure white, respectively, and now the tonal values of the other patches on the tablet will be measured. Following Ron’s book allows for repeatable results without any guesswork — and with the high cost of platinum and palladium, this book will pay for itself many times over in saved sensitizer alone!

Your digital signature is as legally binding as a physical signature. Curves dialog panel Note: Download the free Step Tablet image file at alternativephotography. Slide a sheet of transparency material into the paper tray, hit Print, and make a negative.

Digital Negatives for palladium and other alternative Processes by Ron ReederPaperback Be the first to write a review. Standard 51 step tablet annotated with levels in addition to gray percent.

Digital negatives

Ron Reeder lives on Mercer Island, Washington. If the contrast selected via the Color Density slider for the step tablet negative is nearly correct the first number pair may read Input 0, Output processed. Can anyone tell me if you should use grey inks on high-end inkjet printers, or should you only use black and white?

Keeping the balance is difficult; I could do a lot more workshops, but I have to scale that back so that I have time for my own work.


Name the curve and choose a place to save it. Once the Basic Exposure is determined for that process on that paper it does not change.

If the correct negative contrast setting has been chosen Color Density slider, remember?

Clay Harmon downloads

Flatten the image to a single layer, then size it to ppi and the correct dimensions. Yellow engatives the strongest UV absorber after Photo Black.

This reference area is the lightest tone obtainable with this particular emulsion. I try not to worry about what the rest of the world thinks.

Copyright Office website, http: A window will open. Make sure the middle slider remains at 0. Do the following things to this image: Moderation of Questionable Content Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu.

Select either Landscape horizontal or Portrait vertical media orientation. Ron smashes this misconception and demystifies the process in a concise, easy-to-follow and surprisingly fun fashion. There is the option to use either one in case switching ink types is not desired. This will open up a histogram of the step tablet prescan Figure G. The Info palette will open. Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, “The copyrighted work at issue is the image that appears on http: Eventually black patches will appear on the screen.

These number pairs describe a curve that shows how the digitql goes from pure white to pure black. Finding the balance between being fro to create your own work and the teaching and writing is not an altefnative thing to do. When using Matte Black ink the Color Density slider is no longer needed. Near the color circle is a box labeled Vertical. These patches represent all of the pure black pixels in the image.

Digital Negatives for palladium and other alternative processes by Ron Reeder (Paperback) – Lulu

I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation. Go to the top of the table, cross out Input and relabel it Output this operation is shown in Figure Dogital. Signed Paperback Books Alternative Health.


For those who want to achieve the highest level of control over the digital negative process, the QuadTone RIP process still has no equal, albeit at the expense of a steepish learning curve. His book provides a clear and concise explanation of the process and will guide the reader through all the potential negarives that can arise when trying to create your own digital negative workflow.

Move the Color Density slider to set the contrast of the negative Figure D2. Skip to main content. This is a collection of photographic formulas that I have used and in some cases, still use. On the other hand, if several of the lightest steps look alternativ white as the reference area, contrast is too high and it is necessary to move the slider to the left.


Hit the Prescan button. Expose this tablet engatives to the photo emulsion using the Basic Exposure Time previously established. Untitled by Reese WitherspoonHardcover 5. If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select “Infringes a well-known work” from the dropdown menu. In the dialog box: Illustrated Alternative Medicine Paperback Books.

By the end of the book I not only knew how to calibrate my digineg workflow, I understood the whole QTR process.