Emilia Pascu is the author of Designul si Estetica Marfurilor ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Merceologia şi expertiza mărfurilor alimentare de export-import. D Dima, R Pamfilie, R Procopie, Design şi Estetica mărfurilor. R Pamfilie, R Procopie. View curs 11 from FINANCE 11 at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. Design si estetica marfurilor Curs 11 cap Cap.

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It was then that women we able to see the clothing made by the first fashion designer, Charles Frederick Worth for the first time.

Their activity is made possible by the organization of various events that have become marfutilor landmark in the Romanian fashion industry.

The concept of fashion poetry emerged as a result, being a concept aimed to unite in one single expression this basic idea. As a social phenomenon, fashion originated towards the end of the Middle Ages during the 13th and 14th centuries and was defined by frequent alterations to the shape of costumes, with an inclination towards novelty.

The existence of fashion photography was reported as early as the first photographic evidence. Latest Floor Tile Design. The stimulation of all the senses can lead to an amplified effect, improving the way we create and set our impressions, feelings determined by an artistic expression.

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Fashion is an instant language, the language of the moment. Modern TV Cabinet Design. Fashion editor Texin Business Catalogue – present: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Image campaigns and brand PR: Thus, the idea of merging different fields of artistic activity photography, graphic design, fashion design and poetry was born and served as a starting point of what would later be summarized by the phrase “the art of merging the arts.

Fashion journalism can only be studied within a framework that provides a direct link to the study of fashion design in all its complexity. Likewise, there are no departments dealing with fashion management, image and communication strategies, PR, event planning.

Still, inat only 23 years and under the patronage of the young duchess of Berry, Emile de Girardin launches the most representative title, La mode. Finally, the role of forming the public that a journalist or PR should assume could very well adjust the functionality of the system All of these problems have a common source and solution, namely the restructuring of the education system so as to be able to form specialists whose absence is evident in an industry which that is barely functioning.


The first specialized magazine, Dialog Textil, provides technical information from the entire domain, thus providing the first information platform that contained the whole range of information required, everything from equipment to fashion shows and fashion critics. The paper further elaborates on Office Style, its role, components and functionality. An introduction to Fashion Studies, Berg Publishers; Bearing a commercial purpose or taken in order to illustrate certain themes in fashion publications, this type of photography requires more than the mastery of technical and theoretical knowledge of photography — it requires a degree of familiarity, knowledge and experience in the fashion field, and communication beyond the traditional meaning of the term.

The captured image should tell a story that is easily understood, regardless of who the viewer is. The first teaser contained, besides the cropped picture and the letter A, the slogan: A special emphasis was placed on theorizing a related area, that of fashion photography, a field that constantly supports the artistic development of fashion creation.

Aiming to address mainly the formative aspect and adapt it to the current requirements, the present paper has attempted to show the procedures that need to be carried out in order to support the entire process in the implementation of fashion system regulations, regulations that allow for a subsequent proper operation both creatively and in terms of economy.

This is based estetoca the general theory of event planning and manages to trace and underline the specificity of the fashion event. The deisgn profile 2. Consulting for Lachriss pret-a-porter – Cluj We have obtained five scarf models Figure 44 and Marfufilor 18 multiplied as a limited edition, more similar in concept and execution to a work of art rather than an object of consumption, in other words, desjgn an esthetic function rather than a utilitarian purpose.

As humans we are prone to make associations and so the way of using a multisensory stimulation during such a campaign should be predetermined in order to induce the desired effect. Goyal assignments for class 6 Get free books online in India on MyPustak. Playboy, GQ – Bucharest – The establishment of the first private educational institution in Bucharest – Artcademy – an institution which is structured according to the French system is beneficial, but insufficient to meet the demands of a market where the number of companies in the fstetica is considerably larger, and their needs are not met by the private education system.


Tips on choosing a garage door is to adjust the geographical location of the house when choosing the garage door material because it is very closely related to the climate in the surrounding area so the door is not easily damaged. Organisational communication is included in this category as dewign ; — mass communication addressed to maefurilor general public, used by specialised institutions and achieved through specific means.

That step was followed by the further development of the idea of making a new product that gathers the activities of the mentioned team.

In addition to storing vehicles, the garage also serves to store goods, fix and modify vehicles like a mini workshop in your home. Marfurlor fashion mechanisms and the complexity of the fashion communication language are matters of high importance to fashion providers, as well as to the consumers. Fashion comes to life by reproducing a model which has been entirely separated from its original form. The niche professions that serve to support the consistency and efficiency of communication within the image campaigns an imperative step in desifn fashion creation and have developed simultaneously have to be addressed similarly.

This has led to a stagnation or even regression in the field.

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Their income, but also the mentality did not allow targeting funds towards the brand development, with distribution networks and image campaigns modeled after traditional brands. This paper reflects the evolution of clothing, with emphasis on the notion of fashion. Men also benefitted from their own fashion magazine, Burton’s Gentlemen’s Magazine published between Nonetheless, in what way did the Internet alter mass communication? The sequence of increasingly rapid launching of new products determines a much faster production pace and a continuous adaptation to the requirements of the market.