DemonWars has 7 ratings and 1 review. Ryan said: This book is not really meant to be read like a standard book, being a tabletop game rule book plus refe. DemonWars: Reformation RPG. likes. This is the place to learn about R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars: Reformation RPG. This book contains all the rules you need to play a DemonWars: Reformation DemonWars: Reformation is not a board game – it is a Tabletop Role-Playing.

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Twenty-five stood in a line, cloaked in thick brown robes with voluminous sleeves and large hoods that were pulled low to hide their faces. Quiet and humble, they kept their heads bowed, their shoulders stooped, and their hands folded before them, though not a digit showed from beneath the folds of cloth, not a flash of flesh in the whole line.

He stood alone on the balcony above the main entrance of St. Intertwined with the rocky cliffs of the southeastern coast, St. Mere-Abelle, mother abbey of the Abellican Church, the most powerful religious seat in R. A demonwar system demonaars to capture the best aspects of the reformatoin generation of tabletop roleplaying games, complete with everything you need to create your own adventures.

A game setting detailing the world of Corona: A new story arc set in the world of Corona after the events of the novel Immortalis. A novella from R.

Salvatore, introducing players to the world of Corona as it is at the start of the story arc. Unlike many of the most recent entries in the tabletop RPG market, combat encounters are easy for a Game Master GM to prepare and adjudicate.

Rules are open-ended and designed to encourage creativity. The game mechanics are simple and easy to learn, allowing novice players and GMs to pick up the game quickly and easily.

The consistent nature of the mechanics also allows lots of room for improvisation, from both the players’ and the GM’s perspectives. The game system is deep and diverse, with many advancement paths for characters to pursue. Veteran RPG players will find no lack of skill combinations and customization options; veteran GMs will have many tools for crafting epic adventures.

Corona is the setting for 11 classic novels by R. Humans have carved out four major realms—Alpinador, Behren, Honce-the-Bear, and To-gai—but these civilized lands are surrounded by largely unexplored wilderness.

Danger and adventure abound, from the Mountains of Fire in the far south, to the blasted wasteland of the Reformarion in the north; from the endless Wilderlands in the west to the Weathered Isles and the Mirianic Ocean to the east. The majority of the subjects demonwrs the kingdom dwell along the long, broken coastline. Several mighty cities sit on the coast or on the banks of the mighty river Masur Delaval, including the throne seat at Ursal.

The southern regions are a fertile breadbasket, rolling demomwars dotted with farms and villages, the peasant farmers ruled over by the many feudal barons in their castles.

DemonWars: Reformation

Fewer still settle in the wild Timberlands, in the northwestern reaches of the kingdom, a land of mighty pines and deep fields of caribou moss, at the very edge of the dangerous Wilderlands. Corona is a world of heroes. The monks of the Abellican Church, the elf-trained Rangers, the Allheart Knights encased in their finely crafted steel platemail, the desert blademasters of the Chezhou-Lei. This abundance of powerful characters makes the setting ideally suited to a tabletop RPG, as the players take on the role of truly heroic characters.

Set in the aftermath of “Immortalis”, the conclusion of the Second DemonWars saga, this story centers on the reformation of the Abellican Church, and it begins with a brand new R. Salvatore novella, which will be included in every game book. The Abellican Church is in a state of upheaval. Those who did not adhere to his strict dogmas have been exiled or executed.


Bryan Salvatore built the first prototypes for a tabletop RPG last June, It was designed for extremely fast turn times and cooperative play without sacrificing strategic gameplay.

We tabled that version of the game in August, as an interesting experiment but without engaging enough hooks to bring to market. In December, Bob and Bryan revived that tabletop RPG with a set of radical changes, creating open-ended non-combat mechanics and setting it in the world of Corona.

After about six months of refinement, no one in our group has any interest in going back to the games we were playing before. We narrowed this down to the Abellican Church in February because we wanted to be able to give each group the focus they deserve, without the constraints of fitting them into a short class entry in a larger book.

If this project is successful, we would love to produce further products with new character classes, new story arcs and with more detail on different areas of the world. The game is presently at a very exciting point in its development. If this project is funded, we anticipate three to six months of playtesting and iteration before we produce the physical book. We can ship no more than 10 game books to you!

Also note only game books are available for overseas shipping, not signed novels.

If you are international and you want to back us at one of the higher levels, please contact us directly. This includes Shipping, Add-Ons, and people who pledged at levels higher than necessary.

We will produce a high-quality page demonwasr book, complete with game rules, setting, a brief adventure and hooks into a larger story arc. The game book will include 16 original pieces of art, half full-color and half black-and-white. When the game book ships, we will send a digital copy of this pamphlet to all backers at the NOVICE or higher level—if you get a copy of the game, you get a copy of the pamphlet, for no additional cost.

If we double our initial target, then as a special thank you, R. Salvatore will write an additional original novella set in the world of Corona, available for digital distribution sometime after the game ships. We really want to make more products in this world, using this rules system. If we can, we would love to keep adding to the world, with new monsters, new characters, new locations—entirely new stories.

Salvatore is one of the best-known fantasy authors working today, with over 50 novels published in a variety of settings and worlds. Bryan Salvatore is a professional game designer with computer game experience ranging from small, indie projects to AAA online game development.

He has also written, co-written, and contributed on several graphic refformation, including The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales, Dungeons and Dragons: He has some game design experience, as well: Mike Handverger has been making films and videos for 20 years and has been a gamer for even longer than that.

He spends most of his time programming computer games for Tricky Fast Studios. Hodges has been crafting music and audio for video games and ddmonwars since Brian Labore has been working as an artist for over twenty years.

A gamer since childhood, Brian is also a writer and game designer with treasure type N x5 and Q x2.

Map as seen in the Project Video: Composer, artist, cartographer–Aubrey is a man of many talents. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our first wave of playtesters: And a very special thanks to Donna M.


Parkinson for letting us use the beautiful cover art from Mortalisas done by the late, great Keith Parkinson. A lot of pieces go into a project like this—design, art, layout, printing, shipping, etc. We have talented people lined up for each piece of the puzzle, but scheduling conflicts can arise.

We are confident that if any of our contributors has to withdraw from the project, we will be able to find suitable replacements. Our writing experience should be self-evident. We feel very confident in our ability to deliver an excellent product from a design and writing standpoint.

We have lined up several artists and a professional layout designer. There is always a risk that prices may change or schedules may not work, but we think that risk is minimal, and we are confident we can find suitable substitutes if absolutely necessary.

All in all, it is possible we may have to make minor changes in schedule or scope—but we think any changes at all are unlikely, and would be minimal. We fully anticipate being able to provide a high quality product in a timely manner. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Forum access, and your name in the Special Thanks section of the book. Thank you for backing us! Forum access, a Special Thanks entry, and a digital copy of a new R.

Salvatore novella set in the DemonWars world. Forum access, a Special Thanks entry, and a digital copy of the complete game book, including all art, game rules, monsters, magic items, and the novella – everything included in the physical hardcover is included in this file.

Everything at the MONK tier, available internationally at this reduced price. Also includes a digital Playtest Packet. Forum access, a Special Thanks entry, a digital copy of the complete game book and novella, and a professionally designed, high quality hardcover game book, signed by the authors. Our shipping rate to Canada is slightly lower than other International orders, so Canadians can buy in at this lower shipping price.

Demon Wars – Reformation (Kickstarter Edition)

Everything from MONK tier, plus a signed paperback copy of one of the 11 Corona novels of your choice, and a digital Playtest Packet for beta testing delivered within 1 month of this project funding. See FAQ for details. This is available for both domestic and international backers! Everything from MONK tier, plus a complete signed paperback set of the four Saga of the First King novels, and a digital Playtest Packet for beta testing delivered within 1 month of this project funding.

You will be required to provide proof that you are a retailer.

DemonWars: Reformation by R.A. Salvatore

Includes five hardcover game books at wholesale price. Books can be signed at your request. Everything from MONK tier, plus a complete signed paperback set of the seven DemonWars novels, and a digital Playtest Packet for beta testing delivered within 1 month of this project funding.

Everything from MONK tier, plus a complete signed paperback set of all 11 Corona novels, and a digital Playtest Packet for beta testing delivered within 1 month of this project reformstion. Everything from the MONK tier, plus a complete first edition hardcover set of the four Saga of the First King novels, signed and personalized; a digital Playtest Packet for beta testing; and your hardcover game book dempnwars be signed and personalized by the authors at your request.

Includes 10 hardcover game books at wholesale price. Includes a brief phone conversation with R. Salvatore to discuss your character! Gwendolyn by the Sea. Includes a longer character entry in the game book.