The Demolished Man [Alfred Bester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , the wealthiest man in the universe is determined to. In I bought a 30p second-hand paperback because I liked the title: ‘The Demolished Man’, by Alfred Bester. This fits into a rare category of. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in

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Published July 8th by Millenium first published March It’s an exciting and pulpy adventure, and presages the cyberpunk genre by over 30 years Neuromancer, Altered Carbon, Minority Report in particular; they all contain remnants bwster Bester’s DNA.

Just like a piece of classical music, it’s value lies not only in the music itself but its legacy for the musical compositions that follow. Tenser said the tensor. The novel starts us off with the story of Ben Reich.

Doctors peep their patients to identify psychological problems, police use them to search for criminal intentions and to interrogate witnesses. It is a tour-de-force as good as anything Bester ever wrote, including The Stars My Destinationmy favorite science fiction bested of all time. It’s not fair to ridicule how badly aged the future visions of venerable SF authors from the Golden Age can become.


Will not his beliefs become the world’s belief? He asks for the most mundane song to be played, a song that simple will not jan your brain, the type of jingles from commercials usually beer my brother and I used to sing in the car to drive my parents crazy.

As the hunt continues Reich’s brain becomes more and more unstable.

The Demolished Man – Wikipedia

The words girl and pretty always come as a pair. I can’t say Maj loved the book, but I think it’s a worthy winner of the first Hugo. The constellations are gone! Of course, also rather nearby some others, but I don’t feel the war’s impact here so much.

Reich’s motives are stiffly dependent on Freudian theory, but most glaringly Bester fails to predict any type of feminism.

The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

D’Courtney lives on Mars but occasionally visits Earth, always staying at the home of socialite Maria Beaumont. The climax and finale of the book were especially enjoyable and had elements that made me think of the best aspects of the classic Twilight Zone series During the s, Bester wrote for pulp fiction periodicals, comic books and newspaper comic strips, and contributed story lines to Superman, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and the Green Lantern.

This review has been hidden because it contains demolishee. Tension, apprehension and dissension have begun. By that time, my interest in science fiction had dropped considerably, but back in I had named my motor scooter “Alfred” to express my admiration for his works and those of Alfred Korzybski.


You have The Demolished Man. He is best seen on twitter as princejvstin and his website.

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

Enter Lincoln Powell, class 1 telepath and police prefect. Mar 25, Bradley rated bestfr it was amazing Shelves: Why did all of them have to be fawning, helpless creatures waiting in the sidelines for their man to come mam deliver them? This is Alfred Bester’s first novel and from what I’ve read about the book it had a real impact on the genre when it was released in and in some cases is considered the grandfather to the cyberpunk generation.

The following year I read a second Alfred Bester novel: Fun, its notions of telepaths, on reflection, may well have gone on to influence Philip K Dick. The series of osmotic injections begins with the topmost strata of cortical synapses and slowly works down, switching off every circuit, extinguishing every memory, destroying every particle of the pattern that has been built up since birth.

Inthe first ever Hugo award for Best Novel was awarded.

Also, in its portrayal of s America, not to be overlooked by more general readers. Cover of first edition hardcover. The stars are only for the world-building and plot-outline.