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There is a mains outage or a problem with the connection between the technical unit and the room unit. Maybe Poloalexis could help in this case? Heating shut down Important: I do have a DVB-T usb stick for that purpose.

Only tested devices are Deltia 1. The only annoying thing is that this device must be located in the colder room to have the dode on until the right temperature has been set.

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And maybe it’s not a use case covered by the module? Repeat the steps to set the month and day.

When you exit this mode, the zone will operate at the last set-point entered. Once compiled, the following command line should work: TYDOM type telephone remote control Remote control of the heating, hot water tank and control systems.


Absent g03 for an unspecified period. Lifestyle 1 or to select the zone.


I’ll have to see how to send “. Leaving on 10 January, returning on 19 January, indicate 9 days. I don’t know if this code will help. Did you observe the same?

To return to the programmed mode, press as many times as necessary. See Delta dore documentation for this For better result, you must put your Deltia Emitter near your DVB stick less than 1 meter if you don’t have any antena, maybe about 1 meter and more if you have an antena SixK. Lifestyle 1 Control system programmed 1st program step Time: Here is my latest excel working file: You cannot access the programming of some of the heating zones or control systems.

Sets the minutes Press and release: The heating zones or control systems were not declared when the unit was put into service. Messages sent by my code are: Python Script I done to manage heaters on a Week will probably work on Windows not tested, you will just have to add a scheduled task to start the script every 30 minutes or less SixK.


So it is a Deltia 8. Press to select the operation: You can write down what the different programs represent in the list below: I’ve bought it in July I know that Deltia receivers can be associated with at least 2 areas, but I don’t know if it can be associated with 2 areas from 2 differents houses Deltia emitter house Id.

For others, my heaters are now driven since 2 days by my RFbee connected to Raspberry pi My Deltia emmitter is turned off in manual mode Python Planning script is working fine.

RFBee should be able to starblx messages, but I didn’t managed to make it works in receiving mode to get valid data, but as I can send messages, I should try again to catch messages with RFBee.

Next step, PHP script to drive heaters online Note that encoding may be different between Deltia 8.