DEFINING. DEVIANCY. Do,l. How We’ve Become Accustomed to Alarming Levels. Of Crime and Destructive Behavior. BY DANIEL PATRICK MOYNIHAN. Pat Moynihan, the great politician-intellectual, warned about the dangers of ” defining deviancy down,” in which worse and worse behavior. NEW YORK CITY — The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan caught the decline of the culture two decades ago, observing that we’re “defining.

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Well, for finding out information that was unwelcome.

Very poor performance in school. Becker’s book was written in I must have read it sometime in the 70s. Desensitization is well under way.

Defining deviancy down – Washington Times

Now, what was this all about? Someday a vicious biography will be written of Moynihan, undoubtedly by a liberal. And her parents had fled in the pogrom, but here they were moynihaj Staten Island, and love conquered. He described [a practice that] was getting to be common in Manhattan and other parts of the city.

You will always know which ones are going out and which ones are coming in. It is not one coherent argument, but different glimpses of a theory. Do you know what a fabulous sociological study we will be if we become the first society in the history of the world to penalize the sons and daughters of the wealthy class? Durkheim’s proposal is that ‘crime must exist’; in other words that it impossible to have a society without crime.

This I can get my head around: What’s “bad” is what most people think is bad.

I’m not sure what even constitutes “deviancy” in this argument: Off, into the pointless forest Moynihan also cites statistics around births out of wedlock as one of the three major instances of the ill effects of the ‘normalizing’ of so-called deviancy, while using inflammatory language ‘vast social calamity’, ‘a serious social problem’, ‘the disadvantages associated with single-parent families’, ‘For a period there was some speculation that, if family structure got bad enough, this mode of deviancy would have less punishing effects on children’.


InI was asked to come to speak to a breakfast group in New York called the Association for a Better New York — a very fine group, very widely based. So now, you have these apparently contradictory, huge trends that a lot of people have written about. We can accept our fate and try to insulate ourselves from the effects of a degenerating culture, or we can choose to halt the beast, to oppose modern liberalism in every arena.

And then you enlisted in the United States Navy, is that correct? Well, I’m just two years shy of a half-century in New York politics. Moynihan’s commencemt address to USC, on the subject of ‘courage’: Oh, you know who smokes out of all proportion to their numbers in the society — it is the people standing in your criminal courtrooms, that’s who.

I think the question of normativity is really the key, though. These questions are not research papers on culture easy to answer, even defining crime is problematic and subject to cultural and historical bias. In the summer ofwe had had some wonderful things in Washington as regards race by that time.

Tom Tomorrow toon on Salon, nuisance required to devjancy last 3 panels posted by wendell at 3: Anyway, onto the other links: Despite the asskissing praise, it’s a fairly pedestrian set of links.

You have deciancy to, besides the article I have already mentioned– Bork and the Cullen Murphy piece in the Atlantic– the following: But in some less information-based societies, the murder and rape of the other guy was considered okay we still consider of the murder of the other guy okay, but it’s less okay, less a sign of heroism and more a sober duty we must engage in to protect democracy etc.


Defining Deviancy Down

We had to demonstrate how separate schools were inherently unequal. Indicative of the film’s flavor is that moyniban only two characters portrayed at all as amicable and “adjusted” are the homosexuals who share a house on the block, both named Jim isn’t that cute?

I don’t feel that I have a sense after reading these links or this post of how Moynihan’s theory has affected political discourse in America; only that a number of columnists have borrowed a reductive version of his idea and used monihan to illustrate everything from how much they hated a movie to why single parenthood a supposedly major cause of violent crime. To which I’d say, well sure it’s wrong – from our cultural context.

How can morality exist without interacting people? I was a gunnery officer on a sort of smallish vessel, [an] officer of the deck, as we say. The rule breaking behavior is constant, the labeling of the behavior varies.

Howard Becker’s approach to the labeling of deviance, as described in Outsiders: That argument has now been embraced in spirit by the U. Cullen Murphy’s Atlantic article.

Defining deviancy down

Polish-Americans have an exogamy rate of 90 percent. Occam’s Razor – “Plurality should not be posited without necessity.

In the long run, people assimilate, but don’t press them too hard. Can social chaos be far behind?