Federal Act / 25 May Retrieved 10 Feb http://www. ccivil_03/_Ato//Decreto/Dhtm Brazil. ES State. rurais localizadas em Itu e Sarapuí, SP, conforme a Lei Federal n°/12, Lei primeira versão foi editada em , através do Decreto Federal n° 26 jul. 2Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), Centro de Ciências Naturais e Exatas (CCNE), Programa de Decreto № Araranguá.

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Our records of 18 shorebirds species plus six other species from literature and WikiAves sum up 24 species of Nearctic migrants for southern Santa Catarina; additional species are Numenius hudsonicus Latham, Silva,Calidris himantopus Bonaparte, Willrich et al.

On 26 th Julyvoice-records of one individual were obtained in marshes in the eastern dereto of Lagoa do Sombrio M.

Vinhedo, Avis Brasilis Editora. Birds of the Patos Lagoon Estuary and adjacent coastal waters, southern Brazil: Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia Campos WA ; B.

Junior, Caroline de C. In particular, it amends and clarifies section a with respect to the retention of benefits where civilian employees who are covered by social security move to other employment within the federal service. Larus atlanticus, Bubo virginianus and Phacellodomus ferrugineigula are known to the state by only one Pacheco et al. Establishes a new partwhich will serve as a repository for the Social Security Administration’s existing civil monetary penalty authorities and which will reflect and implement new civil monetary penalty authorities provided under the Social Security Independence and Program Improvements Act of Revises five Social Security Administration regulations on the treatment of wages for purposes of calculating social security contributions.

Neotropical migrants are seven flycatchers Tyrannidaethree swallows, one vireo Vireonidae and one seedeater Thraupidae species Table 2. Payment of the amount to be reported. Nevertheless, the total richness observed in our study can be considered intermediate in comparison to other coastal areas of southern Brazil: On July 23 rdsix individuals of Xanthopsar flavus along with 15 Xolmis dominicanus were photographed Fig.


Government or an instrumentality of the federal service. Abstract Coastal lagoons and their surrounding habitats often harbour high biodiversity and some of the most threatened ecosystems in the world.

In regard to migratory birds, the lack of previous comprehensive studies on these groups has apparently hampered the inclusion of the southern coast of Santa Catarina in conservation initiatives Bencke et al. WA, Arenaria interpres Linnaeus, Contains 4 chapters and 22 sections covering, inter alia, general provisions, content of the supplementary pension arrangement, the technical provisions of a defined supplementary pension arrangement and coverage of technical provisions and specific provisions.

Under final rules, attorney advisors in the Office of Hearings and Appeals OHA have authority to conduct certain prehearing proceedings. Provides for the objects of the tax and the amounts on which social tax is not imposed. Aves do Estado de Santa Catarina: The only species endemic to Pampas was Limnornis curvirostris Gould, Taxonomic nomenclature follows Piacentini et al.

Authorizes appropriations for fiscal years through carries out the Head Start Act, the Follow Through Act, the Community Services Block Grant Act, carries out programs directed to special populations of the poor, provides low-income home energy assistance, provides services for children, youth, and families, and for other purposes.

Levantamento de recursos naturais. The original landscape in this region was composed by mosaics of lowland forests, wetlands, restingas, grasslands, lagoons and oceanic sandy beaches Teixeira et al.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Notification of service fee amount. Thus, we strongly recommend that future initiatives on migratory birds carefully consider the southern coast of Santa Catarina, especially sandy beaches from Laguna to Passo de Torres.

Migration in South America: Bornschein for providing unpublished records; Carla S. We provide new records of seven rare species in Santa Catarina Larus atlanticus, Calidris pusilla, Aramides ypecaha, Bubo virginianus, Limnornis curvirostris, Phacellodomus ferrugineigula and Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris and report the first evidence of occurrence of Schoeniophylax phryganophilus for the State.

Sets forth the Social Security Administration’s regulations regarding privacy and disclosure of information. On July 5 thone individual was photographed Fig. Species-area relationship of Neotropical waterbird assemblages in remnant wetlands: Adds subsections 2 book-keeping rules to s.


July 14, ; Accepted: However, in the Neotropics the biodiversity is often poorly described, lacking even inventories of species which therefore limits the assessment of threats and the stablishment of efficient conservation measures. After Saint-Hilaire, some few naturalists visited the region to collect specimens which are roughly listed in classical catalogues e.

Aves do Rio Grande do Sul: Threskiornithidae no Estado de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil. Unemployment insurance premium income to be reported to the basic protection. Adds sections 74a and 74c accountancy rules83f and a insurance premium and capital budget rules. Lowland forests harbour high numbers of the vulnerable Phylloscartes kronei and other eight resident least concern species endemic to the Atlantic Forest.

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On July 3 rdone individual was photographed Fig. Marshy areas surrounding lagoons may be relevant in Santa Catarina to sustain high numbers of wetland-dependent species as the regionally threatened Tachuris rubrigastra and other least concern species as Pseudocolopteryx spp. All records were in marshes dominated by Schoenoplectus californicus. Fixes the list of social tax payers and payment procedure.

However, most of the novel species to the region are currently common and locally widely distributed with numerous recent records on online databases e.

Init was recorded on January 16 th one individual. As aves em Santa Catarina: Nearctic migrants are two shearwaters Procellaridaeeight sandpipers Scolopacidaethree plovers Charadriidaeone tern Sternidaeone jaeger Stercorariidaeone cuckoo Cuculidaeone falcon Falconidae and one swallow Hirundinidae species.

WA, Calidris minutilla Vieillot, Contains 29 sections covering, inter alia, general conditions objectives, unemployment benefitsfinancial management and accountancy, unemployment insurance fund, employers’ and employee’s unemployment insurance decrego, amount of unemployment insurance premium, payment, special conditions and entry into force rules.