Deadly Deceits has 47 ratings and 7 reviews. Cory said: No surprises that the CIA did what it did. McGehee did a good job in making lots of his activitie. In his book, Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, McGehee recommends that the CIA be abolished, and a. Deadly Deceits. My 25 years in the CIA. by Ralph McGehee. Ocean Press, (originally published ). Introduction, Gung Ho!, Japan and the Philippines.

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McGehee doubted the quality of information gathered by “untrained interrogators ” from poorly vetted sources, yet at first he wrote it up for CIA reports. Nonetheless, China desk decided not to circulate it, McGehee reasoned, because the PRC’s plans were reasonable, not belligerent. In that capacity it overthrows or supports foreign governments while reporting “intelligence” justifying those activities.

President Johnson began to escalate the war in Vietnam. It was announced that Colby would brief a Congressional committee about the ‘secret war’ in Laos. Sokhom Hing in Frazierp. Sarit thereafter held office as Prime Minister.

He was a past master at interpreting information from field reports. Asking for a halt of the actions, he sent a letter to the president of the United States, the director of the CIA, and his town council, documenting many of the incidents.


CIA even staged its ralpj for the press. McGehee first had reformed office procedures, adding translators, better matching people with tasks, and personally reviewing incoming intelligence pp. He graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. Great caution was exercised to prevent leaks. That should be read prior to reading the book itself.

American officers taught him the CIA system on many espionage subjects, marveling that he was “the best agent they had ever trained. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Ralph McGehee

McGehee saw parallels between Adams’ situation and his own mids Thailand Survey. McGehee comments that while we were not able to recruit a single “clear-cut, high-ranking Viet Cong agent”, the communists made “thousands of penetrations”. When President Thieu was solicited, he became “extremely upset” and suggested delay until he could dismiss the spies from his dezdly. But an allied intelligence agency told CIA that a “newspaper clipping service” in Saigon was the probable source.

Henceforth, the northern People’s Army of Vietnam was the foremost communist fighting force in the south. Cindi Davis rated it liked it Sep 29, McGehee, pp Having survived this shake out, he began a month-long orientation, which featured cold war rhetoric and films.

Alexander Cockburn April”Tinker with gadgets, tailor the facts.

Deadly Deceits by Ralph McGehee

ralpj Mary rated it it was ok Jul 19, Farmers had confessed, given information, and quit the FLA. Views Read Edit View history. Trong had recently made a high-level trip to Washington. Otherwise, I very much wanted to say, ‘Take your medal and shove it. Colby the new DCI, amid great controversy, went public with the Skeleton list, pp.


Later, CIA discovered that the operation was run by a Taiwan intelligence agency. Urban Crow rated dealdy liked it Jan 02, Frank Leahy Assistant coaches: Accordingly, the CIA backs a United States which often supports a privileged local strata whose rule works to abuse and impoverish the majority of its subject people.

Deadly Deceits

Vietnam was in a situation somewhat similar to Thailand. Unexpectedly, he was then sent back to Thailand for a few months. Taiwan offered to share one of its best agents.

Survey information, so collected then translated, was carded into categories, and collated, and digested, then written up. From the bits and pieces of “vague, partial, shifting, incomplete, fragmentary intelligence”, it provided a hitherto “unknown total picture.

McGehee’s liaison office had become a high-performance operation, with ra,ph intelligence work and a steady stream of reports. CIA analyst Sam Adams had “estimated about 20, [later 30,] enemy agents in the Saigon government and armed forces” circa Dullespp.