Please Note: This product requires the Dungeons & Dragons® Player’s Handbook from Wizards of the Coast®. Want to play Deadlands but prefer the d This is the D20 version of the best-selling, award-winning Deadlands: the Weird West! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! . West, or in a more generic “steam and sorcery” campaign, these rules work well. Deadlands Classic: 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook – This is the It’s not uncommon to need five or six sets of dice from d4 to d

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This is partially fixed in the new pathfinder system. Some on them are rather vague and the r20 encourages the GM to come up with their own. Please elaborate, my understanding of it is this: And Savage Worlds was originally intended as a spin off of Deadlands so it retains a lot of the flavor but in a new system. I understand how free-form character creation works and I like it but I also like classes too.

I wasn’t saying anything about Savage Worlds. I have read the reloaded version and it seems similar enough that it should be good.

In a game I played in a couple years ago had 2 hucksters: A good enough compromise, I think, though I’m not deadlandw familiar with it. When I say too 4th edition, I’m referencing the oversimplification of the system.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it quickly became second nature. I’m just trying to make sure we have a fun game with a fun system that doesn’t eulebook old and really feels like a fun game.


This is where free form character creation shines. I’m just trying to catch up on what I missed out on, I’ve been a long time reader of these forums, but this is my first time being rullebook contributor, so please be patient with deadlnds. Prime example being Monk levels beyond 2 or 3.

Why is D20 Deadlands terrible? [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

Edges seem very similar to feats in my opinion. I think a gunfight should be a lethal experience no matter what your level.

Best game I ever played. It all depends on how its run.

Classic is still an option if enough people want it. This based off what I’ve read about in the Savage worlds book, I still don’t have much of a rulegook how classic works. Lacking the formal level system, my huckster could pick up a few ranks of Brawlin’ without having to spend one of his finite level slots on a “fighter” level or whatever I’ve not actually looked at the D20 rules, this is a guess, don’t hurt me.

Otherworld hit it right on the head. Either that or people don’t really understand the systems enough to make judgment yet do so anyway. Not sure what they are but what the hell. SW still works dice and poker chips deadlaands it can. I dunno, I guess it’s a matter of knowing that non-classed deadlandz work just fine that I don’t often have to think about why I wouldn’t want to use a D20 variant.


Deadlands d20

Deadlands D20 is as clunky and unbalanced as classic, but it doesn’t have the cards and token chips – and they created a very fun atmosphere. Also the rules are unfitting to the setting. Because deadlandss orignal rule system is so much better. Classic has a learning curve but is rewarding with the amount of flavor it brings right?

I dont know how to sum it up really One part of the story line might end on the Mexican border and the next one might take place in Sacramento.

This is my understanding of what’s been posted so far. So, I did some digging on your inquiry rulebolk discovered some things.

As you say, the archetype thing isn’t that far off the vibe of Deadlands, but for somebody coming at it from a skill-based system mindset already, classes don’t add anything. I was looking through the site though and no one here gives d20 deadlands a good review.

Judging by the other threads on this forum though, D20 Deadlands gets beat up a lot because it’s so bad. Just say away from the d20 version if you can, as said. How many versions are there and are they that varied?