“Little Expressionless Animals” has maintained a solid standing as one of in Girl with Curious Hair and tagged autism, David Foster Wallace. Abstract. This article aims to elaborate Little Expressionless Animals, the story written by. David Foster Wallace, to present a criticism regarding how heavy. David Foster Wallace’s “Little Expressionless Animals” invents an entangled mess of politics and emotions underlying the familiar, flat, televised.

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The sky is low and full of clouds. The grey clouds are bulbous and wrinkled and shiny. The sky looks cerebral. Under the sky is a field, in the wind. A pale highway runs beside the field.

Lots of cars go by. One of the cars stops by the side of the highway. Two small children are brought out of the car by a young woman with a loose face.

A man at the wheel of the car stares straight ahead. The children are silent and have very white skin.

The woman carries a grocery bag full of something heavy. Her face hangs loose over the bag. She brings the bag and the white children to a wooden fencepost, by the field, by the highway.

The woman tells the children to touch the post until the car davd. She gets in the car and the car leaves. There is a cow in the field near the fence. The children touch the post. They stay that way all day. A child in a dress sits beside her. A cartoon has begun. Behind the woman is darkness.

A man sits behind the woman. She sits absolutely still. The man anikals with her red hair. The child does not look over at the woman. He fosher Sajak play racquetball every Thursday. They take turns lying on each other. Faye and Julie cool each other down with wet wzllace. They stand naked at a glass wall and look at Los Angeles. Little bits of Los Angeles wink on and off, expressionlesss light gets in the way of other light.


Julie and Faye lie in bed, as lovers. They complain against the brevity of the night. They examine and reexamine, with a sort of unhappy enthusiasm, the little ignorances that necessarily, Julie says, line the path to any real connection between persons.

Faye says she had liked Julie long before she knew that Julie liked her. They hold each other. Julie is very white, her daivd prickly-short. It is incredibly romantic. On 12 March it rains. Dee Goddard sits on the edge of her desk in stocking feet and looks out the window too. The key grip and cue-card lady huddle over some notes. The room is reflected in the dark window. She looks down at her clipboard. She looks at the backs of her hands, in her lap.

Your new mystery data guru. Thank them for their patience. Alex rises, straightens his tie. His soda can rings out against the metal bottom of a wastebasket. Alex leaves the door open. The sun breaks through the clouds outside. Palm trees drip and concrete glistens. Cars sheen by, their wipers on Sporadic. Faye knows that sudden sunlight makes her feel unattractive.

The director rises, calls Faye a bitch who looks like a praying mantis, and leaves through the open door, closing it. Dee complains with a weak smile that she seems simply to be surrounded by bitches. Dee eases off the desk. A splinter snags and snaps on a panty-ho. She assumes a sort of crouch next to her daughter, who is in the desk chair, at the window, her bare feet resting on the sill. Just so I can get a jump on fixing it with Merv. Dee is pretty except for the circles.

She cannot tell whether her mother has had anything to drink. Faye rubs at her nose. We can throw in the WAC. She kisses her gently. Their lips fit perfectly, Faye thinks suddenly.

Little Expressionless Animals – Revisited and Revised | Letters to DFW

She shivers, in the air conditioning. Dee sits in her office at Merv Griffin Enterprises every weeknight and kills a tinkling pitcher of wet weak martinis. Her office walls are covered with store-bought aphorisms.


Humpty Dumpty was pushed. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping. Merv Griffin, giving her a plaque.

Little Expressionless Animals – Revisited and Revised

Consumptive-looking boys in makeup play guitars that look more like jets or weapons than guitars. The more you hear, the better we sound. Faye smiles as she watches the viewer. Sajak says he and Alex are now at war. The audience was like applauding when people lost turns and stuff.

Faye and Julie sit on thin towels, inat the edge of the surf, nude, on a nude beach, south of Los Angeles, just past dawn. The sun is behind them. The early Pacific is a lilac cube.

Julie has told Faye that she believes lovers go through three different stages in getting really to know one another. First they exchange anecdotes and inclinations. Then each tells the other what she believes. Julie and Faye are exchanging anecdotes and inclinations for the twentieth straight month. Julie tells Faye that she, Julie, best likes: Julie sniffs the air that smells yeasty.

The encyclopedia was my friend. I felt so sorry for my mother. And not one single one could love my brother. I remember her leading a really ugly life. I could amuse myself with a straightedge for hours. I could make worlds out of lines. A sort of jagged magic. Her second husband sold them to salesman who went door to door. I kept a few in every room she locked us in. They did, really and truly, become my friends. I got to be able to feel lines of consistency and inconsistency in them.

I got to know them really well. Not to mention locked up. I was there to watch him. But I got so I wanted him with me.