Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished CAGES. Dave McKean, Author. NBM $50 (p) ISBN Cages opens with an array of short prose pieces, each a variation on the idea of a creation story. This is one of several motifs that McKean. My first encounter with Cages by Dave McKean was not coming upon it in a bookstore, or being recommended it by a more well-read friend.

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The nine-panel grid in comics is a symbol of tradition, as well as a storytelling form designed to be inconspicuous. But, in addition to working on a resume and keeping up, barely, at a Sisyphean hamster wheel slog of a job, I do try to remain something like social. It also makes sense to divide things this way from a structural point of view, since the first six chapters are essentially setting up the characters, situations, and relationships that will form the basis for the action that occurs in the second half of the book.

Keeping in mind that this was originally published as a issue series, they might also simply be early threads that were never picked up again in later issues. Cages by Dave McKean. To ask other readers questions about Cagesplease sign up. I bought this on a pure whim today when I should have been doing other things.

The prose sections of which there were too many were overwritten and the various storylines went on far too long considering their often banal conclusions. Because he wanted to. The story never quite clicked with me, though. Cages by Dave McKean Shadowjac The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, the first volume has some Batman stuff but no Batman in it and is dark but after that it’s mostly original stories. McKean doesn’t convince me on every page but when I see where he succeeds At first, the book looked artsy fartsy, pretentious to me.

I think of the scene in which Leo the painter meets Karen in a jazz club and they talk for hours, falling into romantic sympathy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It reminded me of a quirky foreign film from the ’80s, where a bunch of artists happen to be neighbors and how their idiosyncratic lives intersect as they discover truths about life and love and the univer Visually, “Cages” is a tour-de-force and anyone interested in the ‘graphic’ part of graphic novels should check it out.


Return to Book Page. RSS feed for Ed Howard. But with just body language and the subtleties of his drawing, McKean is able to show occasional glimpses beyond this surface, revealing in this aged form the shade of a woman who must have once been a real beauty.

In Defense of Pevear and Volokhonsky. I know him from his work with Gaiman, which was always special and individually striking to me, particularly his Sandman covers. Write a customer review.

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Cave one point I paused in reading in order to do some writing of my own. Cages Cages by Dave McKean. The artist as God to his creation. The revelation of private feelings underlines how everyone wears a mask in their public life. The book is ostensibly about God and creation, but I think reading too literally into that idea would be a misguided attribution, and scientists and atheists and other godless types should not shy away as a result.

This tome is about a man’s escape from “real life” and the discovery of religion and different tellings of creation stories. I know him from his work with Gaiman, which was mckaen special and individually str Reading Cages is like reading Dubliners in an mckexn, darkened gothic cathedral on some sort of pleasant psychedelic drug. A genius that combines techniques, always searching for some new expression. Cages has to be read as a homage to several indie movies that went on to become cult classic several years after their release.

And after a two plus hour reading binge I can safely say that this is a masterwork. Mckkean you want to read a challenging story that reads like a love letter to art visual, literature, poetry, and music and the creative process, and you don’t mind a surrealist mystery cagex in like a David Lynch moviethis may be the book for you.

A Love Letter to CAGES by Dave McKean

But McKean is also a fantastic writer in his own right, and Cages is a sterling example of that fact. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Hardcoverpages. My hardcover didn’t survive the years, so I had to get a replacement copy. Dave McKean was all over the 90’s. If you know me, you know that’s rare. In this scene, he merely begins to blur the grid a bit, to step outside it, and to play with it in interesting ways.

Cages by Dave McKean is my favorite–no superheroes! I tried to read it in the car on my vacation, and it was so heavy that after sitting with it on my lap for about a half an hour, I had to put it down because i I did enjoy this book. And the fact that this is a masterwork of English comic bookery without the name Gaiman, Moore, Miller or insert the name of any other of the ‘bigs’ just adds, for to its appeal. Cages is a beautiful, sophisticated novel for experienced comic readers.


Something a bit different from the usual superhero book. The musician, backed up by a jazz band, in near total darkness, begins speaking into a microphone, delivering a new kind of creation story.

Read reviews that mention dave mckean graphic novel jazz musician neil gaiman comic books years ago story told best read comic cagee read this book cages art artist comics god cage sometimes writer creative pages.

Eu nunca havia lido uma obra com texto dele adoro a arte dele para os livros de outrosCages foi a primeira.

English Choose a language for shopping. And the reader — this reader, anyway — goes along for the ride, confronting these absurdities in the same spirit of bewilderment and vague fear as Sabarsky does. But no, it’s actually meant to have a narrative running from beginning to end.

Dave McKean, Cages | John Pistelli

One of the neighbours seems to be under some kind of curse where everything he loves is taken by two shadowy figures and he’s practically a prisoner in his own home. The bulk of the page second chapter is dedicated to a conversation between Leo and his new landlady, with McKean again utilizing classic comedic tropes — mis-hearings and word games — to give their repartee a lively swing.

Now, I see that they are doing a new printing of the full collection later this year I saw that on Amazon myself.

And for all the shallowness of some of the book’s skepticism, its main point about art and the world–that the best art must combine mastery of material with humility of character, that a creative god would not be a god at all but only another artist trying to fill the blankness with something new–is moving and persuasive. I mckeqn known much of McKean outside of his cover work for Neil Gaiman and Morrison’s Arkham story and, from the outside, his aesthetic always struck me as too particularly and strangely esoteric, too late 80’s and early 90’s for some reason, reminiscent of Peter Chung of Aeon Flux on a bender.