Services. S&W M&P Trigger Job. Standard Trigger job- $ plus return shipping. Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as pounds on the. I am shooting IDPA and steels using M&P 9mm Pro. Is there any preference between an Apex Trigger and a Dan Burwell job?. I discovered the link to Dan Burwell’s website while searching through the archives here. Following his thorough and detailed instructions.

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I considered just sending my pistol to Mr.

In addition to the above trigger jobs I offer a couple options. Thanks for the link! It’s not mentioned in Mr. Posted December 11, I’m happy with what I have at the moment.

M&P Trigger Job – Burwell? –

Shot rds today and the trigger job rules! Burwell’s directions because I bet for most it stays put, but it’s small, I mean REAL small, and I almost lost mine when it dropped out Burwell’s link, I would’ve never gotten rid of it, in about 25 minutes this morning I was jjob to transform a stock so-so trigger with a so-so reset into an outstanding trigger with a very positive glockish reset.


But today after the rework and the APEX parts it’s pretty good if still mushy. December 12th,ttrigger Originally Posted by lthrnck Took the weight down to a crisp 4lbs free of creep with minimal over-travel left in it, and the reset is just night and day, it’s ubrwell least half as long as before and has a positive snap when it resets. By KKing Started 35 minutes ago. This content can be configured within your theme settings in your ACP.

It looks like a stone and a 3M abrasive wheel was used.

Originally Posted by PaPow You sound like your inexperienced to me. By using this site, you agree to the following. And I tried contacting Burwell. Posted December 24, edited.

Sign In Sign Up. July 18th, I’ve never owned a stone, what should I buy? This trigger is a little less crisp than the Standard Trigger job but is about the same as stock. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Guidelines. I’ve written this before in different words In case any of you guys are squemish about taking a file to your sear, looks like the folks at Apex Tactical have a x-mas gift for you Home Forums Classifieds Site Sponsors. I did the Burwell trigger job on my own.

Of course, just the polishing of the striker block and the sear helps to relieve the minimal amount of grit that the stock trigger had. He is very busy and it might take emails before you get a reply.


This would have been several years ago now. Welded over-travel – I remove the over-travel by welding up a travel stop inside the gun, this will make the trigger break further away from the frame. Want to do the Burwell trigger job I have the.

This works very well for people with a long reaching trigger finger. Page 1 of 3. I did my first Sigma and it came out ok, So I guess I budwell try this.

Want to do the Burwell trigger job

I can call dqn back, but with my other job I can usually answer emails quicker than return phone calls. Posted December 24, It’s magnetized so if yours falls out just position it back over it’s little spring with tweezers and it’ll stay put until you re-install the sear. December 30th, I didn’t use a stone, I used very fine auto sandpaper, grit I think.