Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis. Description. Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis Free in pdf format. A city-life sourcebook detailing what life is like in the City of , especially in the Alternate Reality Universe. It is definitely a must-have for any ARU. Information from Cyberpunk © ian Games Inc; and Dark Metropolis © Ianus . Nyctophobia (The Dark) .. NETRUNNER (Cyberpunk , pg. 8).

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Not exactly Cyberpunk Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results fyberpunk to 10 of Not exactly Cyberpunk Finally started up my latest Cyberpunk campaign with mostly new players and even more house rules along with alternative rules pinched and modified from various metropoolis resources Blackhammer, Ocelot et al and alternative sources CyberpunkIanus Games’ Dark Metropolis etc – and a number of other mods. The first thing metrpolis go ages back. Roles and skill sets?

Abandoned ages back in favour of Ocelot’s system. Tried a number of systems and now trying my own. Sure, a person with higher dexterity will be better at fiddly work than a person with lower dexterity – but not to the degree that it equates to years more experience.

I wanted to change the system so that the number of years experience or training actually meant something but that still factored in the characters’ natural abilities so this time, I decided to expand out Cyberpunk’s own attribute bonuses for BOD to cover all attributes except LUCK which is spent to bump up die rolls: No attribute can be boosted above Read it and weep! I then had the proficiency levels purchased with SPs during character creation – 1 point for Novice, 2 for Adept and so on up to five points for Lesser God but with a GM’s limit of 3 points “Expert” for any skill.

Available skill points as per Ocelot’s alternative character generation. It makes a lot more sense to me: Netrunners and Fixers are not character classes. Because cybepunk would someone who spends their entire time coding, cracking systems and traversing the world at close to light speed want to go far from their extremely fast internet connection and risk being shot when they can help the party from the safety of their fortress or parents’ basement daek phone or internet?

A fixer that’s following a team on the off chance they might need something s he can supply is going to miss out on a lot of business from other sources. So I play both of those as NPCs – characters contact them, use their services and pay their money.

Everyone running around armed to the teeth, armoured up and shooting the hell out of each other is not an option – firearms are available to civilians with certain restrictions dadk auto weapons, ten-round magazine maximum, licensing and registration required, different jurisdictions have different rules etc dakr, cops and other armed forces have better mftropolis to weapons that the civilians aren’t permitted to own and cyberlunk criminals have what they want as they don’t care what the law says.

Cyberpunk 2020 – ICP116 Dark Metropolis

Much of the OTT stuff pitched at munchkins in the various supplements – full-body conversions etc – is plain unavailable. No way, you can’t have it. Sheesh, a clapped out second-hand AV-6 that’s been well and truly hammered by TraumaTeam for 10 years, deemed unsafe and then stripped should be out of the average Edgerunner’s price range.

Trying to keep the campaign as low and edgy as possible where a cranked-up junkie with a knife is an actual threat to character safety, rather than the PCs going through battle-seasoned Elite Forces like they were popcorn.

  IEC 60880 PDF

Join Date Feb Posts 6, The loss of humanity loss strikes ma as a loss for the game. Or for the players, at any rate. I have never seen it as a munchkin nerf bat, munchkin warding charm, or the like. Rather, it embodies one of the core tropes of, well, cyberpunk in the old school i. I agree that skills and stats need a bit of reworking.

I went the other way, by assigning skill points more weight. Not that, as you would have it, stats having less, is a worse idea of course. As for why anyone but a Solo and even then. Enter The Lifepathand the judicious interpretation of it by player and GM alike.

I’ve done a mostly Fixer campaign before, and it was great fun. Then again, there’s been most sorts you could think of, and most of those worked at least OK. Sometimes a right barnyard collection, which is fine as well. And that’s another thing. Roles aren’t really classes. A PC can get by just fine without any ‘Special Ability’, seeing that it’s fundamentally a skill-based system, and the majority of those Abilities simply add on a bit more, or take the place of, normal skills. Rambling a bit, sorry.

Not meaning to take anything away from that with the above, by the way. Honestly, sounds like it’s all workin’ for ya. My understanding has always been that Humanity Cost was there to prevent overly cybernetic characters – in a character creation system where you can fit yourself out with a lot of stuff for only a few hundred Eurobucks. Stuff that would cost thousands in game by the time you factor in surgery costs on top – millions if the prices were a trifle more realistic.

Humanity Cost certainly makes no sense in light of real-world responses to implants and Disclaimer: I have not read every Cyberpunk novel out there does not seem to have any support in the genre. I do run a version of “Humanity Cost” though How human you look afterwards. 2002 replacements carry no cost, unnatural looking replacements and exotic sculps do.

Cyberpunk 2020 – Dark Metropolis

So, you no longer look human to a casual, unmodified observer. What does that mean? Well, this is “the Real World” so it means “that depends”.

Anything from “Wow, you look like an elf! Did the surgery hurt? Whatnhell you do that to yourself for? Die, you heathen bastard, for your crimes against Metrooplis Lord! No numbers, no die rolls – you either look human or you don’t. Your modification might look like non-surgical costuming and therefore be glossed over or it might be so obviously cybernetic that it sends all the religious zealots scrambling to get the blazing torches.

For years my cybsrpunk on cyberware has been rather non-standard as well.

A cyberoptic is a camera! Who puts a camera inside a camera? So, pay a little extra for the wiring, jacks and storage and you can record those “Kodak moments” for later. Why do you need a “neural processor” to operate a basic limb or cyberoptics?

Not exactly Cyberpunk

metropolus Surely they’re hardwired into your nervous system and feedback would be appropriate to the part of the body they are replacing. Only reason you would need a neural processor would be to control non-standard options reading your synaptic responses or to feed non-standard data to the nervous system Times Square display, targeting etc. Which brings us to why do you need cyberoptics for Times Square and targeting? Kinda like when you start “seeing spots” – it’s not your eyes, it’s your brain.

So naturally, even if you do have cyberoptics, Times Square or targeting would not “take up spaces”. Basic cyberoptics – convert incoming light into a format your brain will translate – like it translates data from real eyes. My characters can’t even see through a glass window using thermographic vision – but they can pretty much instantly spot which vehicle has been running recently. The stress, fatigue, environmental rules in the Ianus Games books are great for putting that bit of extra edge in the game.


Tired, stressed out dzrk having to handle yet another crappy situation that may well blow up in their faces. Originally Posted by Wolf I’m one of those horrible people who actually read up how real-life things work. And yeah, Dark Met.

It adds so much to the mwtropolis that was, frankly, missing. Where we differ is essentially that I like for there to be that hard, cruel balancing act to consider at every stage of ‘augmentation’: Naturally though, this doesn’t actually prevent people left and right cybering up for whatever reason, to whatever extent.

[PDF] Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis – Free Download PDF

Some will, some won’t. Consider, just for one thing, what some individuals will do nowadays for the sake of fashion. Add cybernetic and bioware enhancements to the range of ‘must have’ items, fill their heads with advertising, and watch it all unfold. Different strokes, is all. Armour, and why I really need to get bludgeon damage sorted Real Soon Now In the Real World, body armour does actually stop bullets dead.

Well, within its rated level, anyway. In Cyberpunk, the rules are kind of shaky and the armour SP values do not reflect Real-World levels of darm. I decided that for this campaign, the armour would be based on Real World armour levels and SP required for working out how much damage gets through when struck by a weapon for which the armour was not designed should be calculated accordingly.

Before we start, I’ll point out that I reworked the damage levels of weapons based on Rogue’s alternative damage values which were in turn based on Luciferin’s worktaking Rogue’s values as “Point Blank” damage and decreasing damage over distance a la FNFF As I don’t use FNFF’s “add the amount you beat your opponent by to the weapon damage” rule, which made added to the amount of damage a 2D6 weapon could do, I figure it’s right to increase the damage level of the weapons to compensate for that loss.

Something FNFF failed to do when they dropped the “add to damage” rule, thus enabling people to take loads of wounds from firearms and still shrug them off like Arnold Terminator. No need to “subtract from this cyberupnk add to that” and the weapons pack punch again. Then I consulted my notes on armour levels and the threats they are designed to stop.

I may be wrong about this regarding the higher levels’ abilities to stop high-powered adrk bullets they may be tested at a greater “minimum range” but it really doesn’t matter a lot. So, a given level of vest should stop the maximum possible damage of the most powerful calibre for which it is rated.

Conversely, other calibres stopped by ccyberpunk armour may not be more powerful than the most powerful calibre for which the armour is rated – an important point as Rogue did not include. Likewise, the damage levels were set for pistols – not longer barreled submachineguns. My players might not be allowed to have ’em, but criminals tend to disregard the laws Knowing what calibres are stopped by various levels of armour helped with setting the damage values for 9mm and.