Draupadi is the most important female character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to .. Alf Hiltebeitel in his acclaimed research work, “The Cult of Draupadi” explores the source of this myth as he travels through the rural areas of. : The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 1: Mythologies: From Gingee to Kuruksetra (): Alf Hiltebeitel: Books. Draupadi Cult and the Osiris Story of Egypt V. Krishnakumar In this section, we discuss the evidences from Draupadi cult that support our.

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For the exiled Pandavas, my mother You protected them as a heroic goddess. In this section, we discuss the evidences from Draupadi cult that support our hypothesis of the origins of Eraupadi story in Egypt.

Bhima in the guise of Draupadifights with Kichaka and kills him. Seth was hunting a boar in the moonlight while Osiris coffin was in the possession of Isis, who had just then recovered it.

Draupadi Cult

Now we draupadl the Egyptian example: Draupadi cult stories take the argument much farther. They are considered to be some form of Osiris or his backbone. The Sacrifice of the Pregnant Sister B. The Broken World of Sacrifice J. At Kunti for wedding her to five men at once?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bhima and Hidimba B. Archived from the original on 20 February Thus Muttala maps to Seth, because Seth desired Isis, who was the wife of Osiris who is already mapped to Yudhishtira. September 29, at 6: Beginning the Terukkuttu Cycle A. Infact this maps Isis to Shakti as well.


Thus, Egyptians said she got the help of Thoth to resurrect Osiris and then conceived. For about two hundred nights a year, M Damodaran, a year-old master of Bharatha koothutells the story of Draupadi to thousands of people across northern Tamil Nadu. The Terukkuttu in Historical Perspective C. There are some fundamental differences in the stories of Draupadi cult compared to the Sanskrit Mahabharata; they are the key issues where the Draupadi cult stories naturally fit as the intermediaries between the Egyptian stories and the Sanskrit Mahabharata.

The Draupadi Amman cult or Draupadi cult is a tradition that binds together a community of people in worshipping Draupadi Amman as a village goddess with unique rituals and mythologies.

Draupadi Cult | Faint Silhouettes

Essays In Cultural Politics. In some versions of the story, Yudhishthira asks Draupadi to pass the sentence since it was she who was attacked, and she begrudgingly counsels to spare him because of the relations they share.

Its Historical and Regional.

One Response to Draupadi Cult Narasimha says: Here are the points of comparison. Vidura openly calls Duryodhana a snake and a demon, but after finding no support even from his own brother, Vidura is helpless.

This quality is quite similar to Duryodhana and Kichaka of Mahabharata. The Mahabharata War A. King of Mysore, India draupaid a chlt of Banni tree on the day of Vijayadashmi in Navarathri festival commemorating the Pandavas keeping weapons on Banni tree. Pottu Raja at Kuruksetra. Learning of their wife’s abduction by Jayadratha they rushed to save her. That is, a new character called Karna, as the son of Sun god and Kunthi, was created and passed on to the Kaurava side, while a new god Krishna was created as a clear and consistent supporter of the Pandavas.


In a baritone that needs no accompaniment, he sings a song that cultt his eyes each time he performs it before a crowd.

The Cult of Draupadi, Volume 2

Like other epic characters, Draupadi is referred to by multiple names in the Mahabharata. This is valid since, it is not necessary that the story should have got carried as is to india. Three Levels of Performance: This key incident is often considered to mark a definitive moment in the story of Mahabharata.

Meanwhile, the Pandavas finished their hunt and found Draupadi missing. Draupadi and her maids saw this from the balcony and were amused.