CSWIP (WELDING INSPECTOR) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. When “ H2 control” is specified for a manual metal arc welding project, the electrode. MMA. 1. Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile? 2. (a) SAW (b) TIG (c) MIG / MAG (d) MMA One of the advantages of a multi-pass MMA . MULTICHOICE PAPER ONE ‘hydrogen control’ is specified for a manual metal arc welding project the electrode would normally be: a. Cellulose.

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In general it is not easy to mechanise the MMA welding process because: Slag inclusions may occur with: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

CSWIP 3.1 Multiple Choice Paper 1

One of the following alloys is non-magnetic. What would you investigate? Welder qualification — BS EN Between 10 and 15ml per g of weld metal deposited d.

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CSWIP Multiple Choice Questions Quiz – ProProfs Quiz

Email required Address never made public. Which one of the following statements is false? The HAZ associated with a fusion weld on steel has up to how many separate regions of micro structure?


Movement of the arc by magnetic forces in MMA welding is termed: Removing question excerpt quetsions a premium feature. A tensile test will assess: High carbon steel is not susceptible to cracking so I would weld over … High carbon steel is susceptible to cracking.

A magnifying glass may be used during visual inspection by typical magnification would be: It is the most answes area to radiograph What is Cross country pipeline? What is the purpose of a rectifier? Charpy V notch impact test d. Which is the best destructive test for showing lack of sidewall fusion in a 25mm thickness butt weld? When ac only is required for welding, the power supply unit is almost always: They are competent Welding Inspector 3. Before welding could it have been found by: The HAZ associated with a weld is: Which electrode classification would be relevant to AWS A5.

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The component finally fails by a ductile or brittle overload. A steel described as QT will have improved tensile properties because it has: Welders always forget to weld the bottom d. Travel speed is too fast d.


CSWIP 3.1: Question with Answer and Explanation – Part 1

Which of these indicates the depth of penetration of the weld required on the joint? During the Quiz End of Quiz.

Which group of welders is most likely to require continuous monitoring by a welding inspector? A welding process using equipment with a flat characteristic: Which of the following is not a fusion welding process: The type of SAW flux is more resistant to moisture absorption: Sodium silicate in an MMA electrode flux: To determine the fracture toughness or resistance towards crack extension.

When open site working, serious porosity in metal arc welds is brought to your attention.

CO2 welding which parameters give the greatest control of weld appearance during dip transfer or short circuiting welding?