cscope add your_cscope_database:cscope find s [your_symbol]. This will Brief tutorial for beginners: . cscope is an interactive, screen-oriented tool that allows the user to browse cscope(1) – Linux man page . Give help information about cscope commands. ^ d. There are two main solutions for tag jumping: ctags and cscope. . http://www.

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This guide discussed the benefits of using programs like ctags and cscope together in order to maximize productivity while developing in large or small codebases alike.

The cscope Menu of Tasks: For more information on executing Cscooe commands from tytorial within your editor especially visee the list of resource links at the top of this tutorial. As for jumping around in vim using cscope, it really depends on your vim config. Most probably, jump to tag Ctrl-] will use cscope first, then ctags see: The following table shows the commands available after cscope has found the specified text:.

Then enter the editor and add the define. Use arrows Up and down then Tuforial “enter key” to see the detailed file. You can manipulate the file as you please, and when you close it the browser will appear again. Finally, you can launch the Cscope browser to search for functions and symbols in your source code.

Vim understands the index and provides you with an interface for jumping back and forth between the tags. Programming This forum is for all programming questions. Now you want to know which functions call mymalloc. Display the list of commands.


As noted, cscope builds a symbol cross-reference table for the C, lexand source files in the current directory by default. Adding an argument to a function involves two steps: Prompting for Lines to be Changed: Edit the function dispinit as follows. Note that those are backticks, not single-quotes, in that command.

Cscope is already well-documented, but this tutorial will explain its basic usage and explain how to use it with the Linux kernel code. You may have to write an interface between cscope and your editor.

For other ways to invoke cscopesee 8. Put this command in your.

Using Cscope on large projects (example: the Linux kernel)

You can then query that table about the locations of symbols you specify. Displaying Changed Lines of Text: So, if all the source files for the program to be browsed are in the current directory, and if its header files are there or in the standard place, invoke cscope without arguments:.

Again, if the first character of the text for which you are searching matches one of these commands, you can escape ccscope command by entering a backslash before the character. Find functions calling this function: Find this global definition: You may want to do this if two programs are in the same directory, but do not share all the same files:.

c – How to use cscope? – Stack Overflow

You can find out much more online. Marking Lines to be Changed: To view dispinitthe seventh function on the list, type 7. Kindly help me in this. You can use it to save time if you are sure that no such changes have been made; cscope does not check the source files for changes. In a Bourne shell, type: Tip See the Cscope man page czcope help page press? Don’t forget the -d argument! Thank you for subscribing!


Sign up using Facebook. By default, cscope invokes the vi editor.

Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Csocpe System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. Type whatever you want at the respective option.

8.2 Basic Use

If you just want to rebuild cscope’s database, and not invoke cscope’s interactive prompt, pass it the -b option. Hi all, I am doing a kernel related project and wanna use cscope cscop that. Each list entry contains the name of the file, the number of the line, and the text of the line in which cscope has found the specified code.

Avoid declarations in cscope. Find files including this file: I got the answer for my second question. Select lines to change press the? For instructions beyond this tutorial, see the following resources:. An environment variable called VPATH can be set to specify directories to be searched for source files. For example, suppose you are part of a software project.