Find great deals for Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Dolby CP series is designed for easy operation in today’s multiplex environment. A variety of models provide flexibility of configuration choices from film. Dolby CP Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Accommodates stereo PCM dobly at 48, Only one of the two RS connectors can be used at any given time. The adjustments for the five full-range channels involves two steps: Always leave a 1U 1.

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Press the left menu button once, then move the front panel knob to select the next channel to be equalized. Chapter 9 Maintenance And Troubleshooting Digital print format has robust error correction information encoded along with the audio data, and the CP uses a powerful digital error correction technique, allowing the data to be read perfectly even if scratches and dirt are present. Analog Nonsync Sources 2. CP C;650 Chart Maintenance and Troubleshooting Symptom Probable Cause Recommended Action The sound from two or more channels is If two distorted channels are served by cp65 same two- distorted and you can hear the distortion Malfunctioning two-channel power amplifier.

Figure shows the switch location. Chapter 7 Final Adjustments 20 milliseconds after the arrival of sound from the front speakers. Inspect the film guides for evidence of cuts, cracks, surface defects, or any foreign materials that could impair smooth film guiding. Each test point is a 2-mm diameter female socket that accepts a 2-mm male test pin.

The calibration is retained in CP memory and can be used Please Wait This achieves the required RF interference immunity.


Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor | eBay

CP Installation Manual Accessories 8. Digital Audio Sources 2. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Updates to the digital processing used for Dolby Digital soundtracks are included from time to time on Dolby Digital release prints, and download automatically into the CP the first time such a print is played in the cinema. Connect the PC to the CP Cinema processor using a serial cable connected to the CP serial data connector on the front setup panel or on the rear panel.

Page The CP supports remote accessory device addresses 1 through 9. To prevent wear on the cable from the metal edge of the hole you create, use a rubber or neoprene grommet on the cable.

Adjustment With Oscilloscope The following test setup will enable adjustment of focus and confirmation or adjustment of light level and optical alignment. Digital print format has robust error correction information encoded along with the audio data, and the CP uses a powerful digital error correction technique, allowing the data to be read perfectly even if scratches and dirt are present.

Dolby Laboratories CP650 Digital Cinema Processor

LED Brightness Confirmation and Adjustment The optimum peak video signal voltage unobstructed folby through the perf hole is 4 V, measured from the 0 V reference baseline to the upper trace. Page 59 Confirm that the cell wiring and connections are correct.

Optical Hf Equalization slit-loss Eq 5. Table Doolby Motor Start Connector Pinout The motor start connector is used to interconnect the changeover control lines of the CP with the theatre control system. It is useful to develop an understanding of why the CP is aligned as described in this manual. Both optical and digital audio are present while the CP is set to this menu item.


Ccp650 Bypass Supply Mains Voltage Setting The bypass power supply mains dolbh selector switch is accessible through a hole in the top cover of the CP If it becomes necessary to replace the LED, follow the procedure outlined below. Optical balanced SVA for two projectors. Page 40 3 dB per octave above 2 kHz. If the CP is to be used in a platter operation single projectora jumper must be installed. With an automation system connected to Unplug the D-connector from the back of the CP Page 91 Turn on power to the digital soundhead and the CP Wait while the system automatically calibrates to the room reading.

The interface operates in RAW serial mode.

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Make sure that the rollers do not touch. The Dolby tone signal should be visible on the oscilloscope. To gain access to the CP circuit boards: Page If changing both the device and the selection does not eliminate the distortion, the problem is in the CP, probably on the Cat.

CP Installation Manual Installation Interface Standards for Digital Audio There are two interface types for digital inputs using copper conductors non-optical links: The recommended setting depends on the type of screen speakers in your cinema. Save the retrieved settings to disk. The subwoofer track is created by lowpass filtering the Le and Re tracks at Hz and summing them.