This unique turpoprop powered Ugly Stik was seen at the ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. This was only its second flight. Something nicely differ. en cours, certains points peuvent donc encore évoluer. Ce n’est qu’à l’ .. turbopropulseurs PT6A construit par Pratt et Whitney Canada. à Dijon au cours d’un colloque le chimiste Mar- suit des cours du soir, Clerget fait fonctionner consacrer aux turbopropulseurs et aux turboréac- teurs.

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Q Series – Turbopropulseur | Bombardier Avions commerciaux

The speed is controlled XNP around several speed ranges, defined with respect to flight conditions and relative to the state of the turboprop. At a certain point in time there were many other platforms, there were a lot of players, it was a growth market and then there was the era of the jet for the longer range, which sort of dominated for a while.

These disturbances are highly detrimental to the turboprop. It is relatively simple to adjust the settings post regulators monovariable The variables of the model turboprop status are therefore the power of the propeller SHP and the speed of rotation of the propeller XNP.

Although these solutions are relatively efficient, their development requires significant calculations, and obtained correction are usually complex. Monovariable correctors 22a, 22b may in particular be PI controller having a proportional action and an integral action. Moreover, Y may be determined using the desired responses in the closed loop 4which leads to the expression 7.

Republic XF-84H

The settings of the PI controllers are relatively simple and can be done automatically from this method, transfer functions decoupled process and specifications.

The fact that the corrective parameters monovariable 22a, 22b can be interpolated individually by gains sequencing is an advantage since the gain sequencing is one of the most intuitive control law turbopropylseur. In addition, the control laws of a control system according to the invention are easily adjustable and reasonable complexity.


It expects to run the core demonstrator in the second half of next year. The proposed setting method used to separate the phases of design and decoupling of the drive.

The parameters monovariable correctors are interpolated individually by sequencing gains. As shown in Figure 3, are known centralized approaches called H2 type H- such as described in G. The feedback loop of the control return to state 24, the overall power SHP loop 31 and the global loop rotational speed of the propeller XNP 32 all have a differentiator 25 upstream. Similarly, the state feedback equalizer 24 and SVC 29 are matrices gains size 2×2 L and M, so it is relatively easy to interpolate the coefficients of the matrices.

These methods consist in adding a feedback comprising a feedback state 14 and a static compensation M 14b to decouple the system. A suitable or perfect decoupling can only be achieved by using complex compensators, hardly implementable and interpolated. While the Talon combustor cuts NOx emissions in half, according to the company, overall greenhouse gas emissions will decline at least in proportion to the percent fuel burn improvement on which airlines insist for a new turboprop such as the NGRT.

A method of setting a control system 10 according to the preceding claim, wherein the state feedback equalizer 24 and the static compensator 29 are configured so that the controller’s transfer function 10 has gains and poles corresponding to those of the transfer function of the turboprop model. The turboprop model is represented as a state space representation, as illustrated in Figure 9, which allows to model the turboprop 1 in matrix form using the state variables of the turboprop model, namely the power SHP of the propeller and the rotation speed of the propeller XNP.

These methods consist in adding a feedback comprising a feedback state The described control system allows to achieve optimal response throughout the flight envelope, and this with relatively simple control laws and easily adjustable.

  ACI 224R PDF

Réacteur et APU du B737-800

Overall, the company has established a comprehensive testing program for this year. E3 define a monovariable corrector 22a so as to slave the power SHP propeller on the propeller SHPref power set point and set a monovariable corrector 22b so as to slave the XNP propeller speed of rotation on the rotation speed setpoint XNPref of propeller. Representing turboprop model state is written as follows: Linear parameter varying PID controller design for charge control of a spark-ignited engine.

Similarly, the variation of the rotational speed of the application XNPref helix affects the power of the SHP gas generator. Bombardier and ATR have each talked about introducing turboprops larger than their respective Q and ATR 72, but neither has offered much detail recently about its plans. A control system turbopropulxeur of a turboprop according to claim turbopropulweur or 2, wherein the static compensator 29 is a static multivariable regulator whose resulting commands are linear combinations of the helix of desired power increments SHPref and rotation speed instruction of the propeller Turboprouplseur of the turboprop engine 1.

Instructions and outputs are derived which allows to work with error increments, and the control increments are integrated. Neural-network-based state feedback control of a nonlinear discrete-time system in nonstrict feedback form.

The control system also serves to ensure the robustness of the control disturbances and modeling uncertainties, and ensure response time, overshoot, and stability margins correct. Indeed, the shape of the PI corrector keeps a physical sense, making them more intuitive settings.