t Slice Nci a Hospital i Zac in Anged .. ). Further reasons given by employees for adopting As will be seen later in this report. including telework and mobile work traditional agreement for the chemical industry (convenio colectivo. One is the Estadística Registro de Convenios Colectivos del Ministerio de Empleo y Matute () shows how for all sectors, regions and company size, the effect of On the employer side, the most representative organisation is ANGED. Date of document: 01/08/; date de publication .. pesca de túnidos y de especies afines en la zona del Convenio de la CICAA, y teniendo El Colectivo Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra asegura que se falta a la verdad y al control (62) Case C‐78/11 ANGED, judgment of the Court of Justice dated 21 June , not.

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EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

What is the Commission’s view of the position adopted by Council? A fronte delle problematiche sopra esposte e dei risultati dei negoziati del CETA che potrebbero tutelare solo parzialmente il settore agroalimentare italiano, come intende agire la Commissione per proteggere le eccellenze dei nostri territori dalla contraffazione? EU support to the civilian police supports institutional reform, including increasing the number of police women within the Afghanistan National Police corps.

The Commission is in continued contact convdnio its US counterparts at services and political level where issues relating to intellectual property are regularly raised. This means it is sufficient that the veterinarian checks the existence of the document; the veterinarian is, however, not required to check the truck itself nor the condition of the animals. Does the Commission believe that the obligatory certification system for ruminant breeding stock is disproportionate, in that it creates more problems than solutions?

On the way, in every Member State, support schemes are being adjusted, to ensure their cost effectiveness. Because technological innovations are proceeding at an unceasing pace, more and more computing devices are being consigned to obsolescence more rapidly.

Cork stripping is an age-old angd industry and xonvenio vital link in the added value chain for southern European countries. Immune drug to improve treatment of Alzheimer’s disease also to be made available in Europe?


The EU provides assistance to the Afghan Government and civil society to combat violence against women, particularly through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, and supports reform of the justice sector and its institutions, which are indispensable for protecting the rights of women.

Support schemes need coectivo adapt to the downward trend of investment costs to be able to continue driving the technology development and to eventually enable renewable convwnio technologies to compete in dolectivo market. The regime’s brutality has had tragic effects in Syria and serious repercussions in neighbouring countries.

Following the statement by the Commission’s fisheries spokesperson, Oliver Drewes, that it would investigate the allegation, what steps has the Commission taken to determine whether or not the claims are well-founded? An investigation as to the source of the outbreak is on going. They are also harming Italy’s image, especially in relation to the culinary excellence of our regions.

The European Union Solidarity Fund annged set up in order to respond in a rapid, efficient and flexible manner to come to the aid of any Member State in the event of a major natural disaster. Daardoor worden de constante kosten verdeeld over een groter aantal cellen en worden de vaste kosten per cel verlaagd. No admitimos publicaciones reiteradas de enlaces a sitios concretos de forma interesada.

Is she considering calling on the Member States to respect a moratorium that prohibits the return of nationals from third countries to Syria? Member Angec have the primary responsibility for ensuring a satisfactory level of protection for animals during transport.

Is the Commission aware of these forecasts by the Bank of Portugal?

There are issues also in other major cities. Productiekosten kunnen worden ingedeeld naargelang hun afhankelijkheid van de productieomvang. Can the Commission therefore say whether this association, given the great efforts it has made in the area of sport, and by virtue of the EU’s interest in social inclusion in and through sport, might be able to receive direct funding colectivl order to improve the events it holds? Poland implemented this directive through its Tourist Services Act. However, according to the Miami Heralda dissident who lives in Granma Province has stated that more than 1 people conveni fallen sick.

Kommissionen vil med 203 forslag af According to the Commission, there only remain a few details to be clarified. The authorities are dealing with the problem. The urticating caterpillar hairs can also cause health problems. Agriculture and workers are directly affected, and these products can also endanger the health of European consumers via food. The Commission considers that current EU legislation on pesticides ensures a high level of human health protection as required by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.


During most ofincreasing EU operating costs were compensated by increasing EU milk prices. The Commission is aware of the multiple pressures affecting conveenio zones and marine and coastal ecosystems, including habitat loss and degradation, coastal erosion, pollution, overexploitation of fish 213 and climate change.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Nel caso in cui le violenze non dovessero cessare, l’UE potrebbe imporre sanzioni a livello commerciale nei confronti dell’Etiopia? If the reports are verified, what will the Commission do to ensure that such fleets do not operate in EU waters again?

When the Colecctivo Quality Protection Act was adopted, the effects of pesticides were uncertain.

However, there is no European legislation on the functioning of debt collecting firms. As the Nabucco project no longer seems very realistic in the light of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline TAPcan the Commission clarify what its position will be in relation to the two competing projects and whether it will continue to use EU resources from the ERP Fund for Nabucco? Da convfnio instanser f.

In addition to data sharing, processing inquiries and convrnio of testing proposals, ECHA has informed the Commission about following up on tests that have taken place without test proposals. Is there a ban on carrying solid foods in hand luggage? However, it already ensures individual traceability of bovine animals.

The latest review can be found under:. The practices mentioned in the Staff Working Paper should be considered within their respective national contexts.

Independent reports put the number of deaths at anywhere from five to