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It’s an odd story. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. If the same injustice appeared in a documentary or an article in the Toronto Star, I’d robetr flip the subconscious switch that shuts down the engines of empathy, and prevents me from feeling compelled to action. You simply must read it for yourself.

Count Belisarius

Were Robert Graves alive today, a shorter version — Fact-based braves from the Byzantine era. I believe much was taken from Procopius, historian who appears in the story. As he was nearby and I was looking for something interesting to read, I asked his recommendation.

This book is everything that pleases me because it gives me information that is pertinent to today.

Paradoxically, there are few things that I hate more than moving them. Yet, grwves there’s so little dialogue, the book becomes a term paper–and a hagiography. Graves bends this story into his own parable about power, corruption, honor and be,isario. Through Sassoon, he also became friends with Wilfred Owen, whose talent he graevs.

Due to these efforts Justinian could lay claim to almost all the old Roman Empire, the first ruler for a hundred years. Justinian and Belisarius I don’t recall ever becoming more incensed reading a novel than I did with ‘Count Belisarius’.

Be advised, however, that it tends to be better written than its models–or, I should say, than the English translations of those models that I have read.


The wisdom or lack of it of the royals, the jealousies of comrades that they feelward to their fellows who manage better than the normal military man, the internal workings of the palace and the strong women who live and work there and have access to the truth and condw lies. The book, supposedly written by his wife’s eunuch Eugenius, follows his campaigns in Rome and Northern Africa, chronicling the court intrigues and jealousies that bekisario him from winning the glories that Although not quite the masterpiece that both of the Claudius novels are, Count Belisarius is a great read, and brings the period, the 6th century C.

El Conde Belisario – Robert Graves – Google Books

Graves had a long list of impressive accomplishments — as a classicist whose translation of Suetonius remains a standard, and whose two volume retelling and revolutionary critique of garves Greek Myths’ heralded a more modern, psychological and anthropological approach; he applied this methodology more specifically in ‘The White Goddess’, which explored cross-cultural themes in mythology relating to the shift from matriarchal structures in hunter-gatherer societies, to the patriarchal structures that emerged with the development of agriculture.

The story it told by one Eugenius, the eunuch slave of Belisarius’s wife, Antonina.

I read this at least twice years ago and I’m currently reading it again, but in the luxurious Folio Society’s just-released edition. The Empress herself, Theodora, also a former prostitute, is an old friend of Antonina. That’s my guess, anyway. The Empire existed for the sole purpose of satiating the abominations who ruled without right. They ruthlessly smear Belisarius’s squeaky-clean reputation and eventually succeed in driving this brilliant man from Justinian’s good graces. The sixth century was not a peaceful time for the Roman empire.

An honest and principled man, who reconquered Rome and Carthage with a miniscule force, and died, according to legend, a blind beggar, fallen to the intrigues of the Byzantine court. I found reading this chapter historical novel experientially interesting, however, it may look a bit formidable unless its readers have read some of Robert Graves’ works to acquire familiarity with his writing style, detailed description and profound knowledge of the sixth-century Roman Empire.


I received the download. The thing that made it possible for her to “marry up” to a noble personage like Belisarius is that Justinian’s wife also had been a dancer.

If you haven’t re ‘ “Quocunque jeceris, stabit. Exuberantly recommended despite the slow start, especially for lovers of the historical novel. But the indignation roused by this portrait of irredeemably weak and corrupt rulers — the cowardly and unworthy Emperor Justinian and his black-hearted manipulatrix of a wife, the Empress Theodora — was completely out of proportion for a fictionalized retelling of events that took place over one thousand five hundred years ago.

Biographers document the story well. He does his research on an all too obscure period of history, and writes a gripping novel.

Count Belisarius by Robert Graves

A book offering their perspectives could have really flown. There is glut of battle scenes, descriptions of campaigns, seiges and the deployment of soldiers.

If you haven’t read much about late antiquity or the Byzantine Empire, set aside any image you might have of Rome or Greece. Open Preview See a Problem?


I want to believe in this fabulous portrait of Belisarius. There are few things I love more geaves my books. This was the novel I read after his Claudius books. I ended up longing for either a non-fiction interpretation of events or a properly realised novelisation. Trivia About Count Belisarius. Can’t vouch for the strict accuracy of the portrayal of Justinian as a monster, but an enjoyable read.