Fresenius HemoCare 1/ (TM). Any inquiries should be addressed to: Manufacturer: Fresenius HemoCare Deutschland GmbH. Fresenius PIR Plasma Treatment Set for use in plasmapheresis – # . The COMTEC Blood Cell Separator is a blood component separator. The Amicus Separator’s precision design provides the flexibility to support varied therapeutic options. Procedures can be easily tailored for each patient or donor.

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I am interested in learning more about For blood donation and component processing, Fresenius Kabi offers medical devices. This machine also includes color displays, new software which facilitates interconnecting cell separators, and leukocyte-depleted platelet concentrates. Blood Cell Separator The Fresenius cell separator has three areas of application: Other Fresenius Kabi products Other products. Amicus Therapeutic Plasma Exchange separates plasma from the other blood components using continuous flow centrifugation technology.

Patients with too few thrombocytes suffer from an inability of the blood to coagulate properly.

Doctors can use the device to remove stem cells from the blood of a cancer patient. More than freseniu percent of all blood donations are processed in these systems that consist of up to six different bags with variable functions. Y infusion connector Cpmtec. News and Events New: Contact us to learn more about the Amicus Separator System. Sample preparation system Automatic thermosealer Blood bag Apheresis machine Blood collection monitor Therapeutic apheresis machine Plasmapheresis machine Transfusion apheresis machine Double blood bag.


A cell separator can separate thrombocytes from other blood cells; it can also support the treatment of leukemia patients by removing diseased cells directly from the blood. We respect your email privacy. Blood bag systems Blood bag systems are the fresenlus for worldwide blood supply by “classical” blood donation.

Transfusion apheresis machine – ® – Fresenius Kabi

Because only the thrombocytes are taken, which regenerate much quicker than red fresejius cells, a donor may donate much more frequently than in regular whole-blood donations.

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Back to Amicus Selection. View the catalog Go to the Fresenius Kabi website for more information. Blood bag systems are the foundation for worldwide blood supply by “classical” blood donation. The Online Medical Device Exhibition.

Transfusion Technology

Separation time is reduced to less than sixty minutes using a special single needle process. The advantages of recently redesigned apheresis sets offer both excellent donor safety and unmatched comfort while operating. These stem cells can be collected almost like platelets. A combination of bags with venous cannulae and integrated needle protection, pre-donation sampling pouches and different filtration devices form the basis for highly professional whole blood collection systems.


For the blood products obtained, the performance and quality of this particular device is unrivaled. But it relieves the cojtec on the kidneys by considerably lowering the number of destroyed cancer cells that must be removed from the blood following treatment.

Although rarely used, another application of the blood cell separator is quickly gaining in importance. Components that are not needed are immediately returned to the donor. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates.

Plateletpheresis concentrates produced with the COMTEC cell separator: the French experience.

This is important because the efficacy of the thrombocytes improves when the blood groups of donors and recipients match. One example of the cause of thrombocyte deficiency is cancer therapy. They allow producing different blood component preparations according to national and international standards.

Through pre-treatment bone marrow stem cells start to reproduce and partially move into the blood stream. Easy to Operate, Efficient to use Operator efficiency from start to finish.