“Como leones rugientes”. La Eucaristía, misión de vida (Pozo de Siquem nº ) (Spanish Edition) eBook: CARLOS GONZÁLEZ VALLÉS: : Kindle. COMO LEONES RUGIENTE: LA EUCARISTIA, MISION DE VIDA: Books – Abrieron sobre mí su boca, como león rapaz y rugiente. Reina Valera Rescata mi alma de sus estragos, mi única vida de los leones. Ezequiel ,

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I write tragedies, not sins.

Athletic Bilbao – Los Leones Rugientes

FMS Chat — Stam hey, just wanted to let you know that we have a fb style chat for our members. Laporte is a massive part to my future plans. Tallery – Oh Tall, I’m sure you would do great at Athletic and thanks!

Write Reply Follow Topic. Denzy – I relish the challenge. I can not wait for this story to unfold and I will be following. Iconic – He already is tbh, hoping I can develop comi into something special though! I really hope that I can kick on and thanks!!

FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager in real time. I am disgusted with myself to be quite honest and how can I not use the banner. And ye, the Basque rule is a bit of a prick Your writing for me is the most improved on this site! I would love to do a save with Bilbao, but the Basque rule just annoys the hell out of me! Login to Reply Login to Quote.


A tough loss to take mate but at least you have some good news with Laporte. Neal – Means a lot from you, Thanks!!

Login to Reply Login to Quote. Laporte news is great but I can’t be ruyientes for the two defeats. I did not once think I would even be consider due to my lack of content and was pleasently surprised at seeing my story up there. Aaron – Thanks, hope you enjoy! Oh and, good season so far too. Jonte – I am hoping it will be, cheers! Mgriffen – I’m hoping mine will be succesfull aswell! ldones

Zephaniah 3:3

Good to see one of my banner actually being used though. Really good updates too man, keep it up! Here are 10 reasons to join! Good luck mate, do like Bilbao so I’ll follow this. It’s always more interesting when the captain hates the manager The Pozzo Connection – Please take a look and drop a comment!


Here are 10 reasons to join! Follow fmscout online.

Zephaniah – VUL – principes eius in medio eius quasi leones rugie

I am a genius yes, thank you. Stevie G’s Villan Adventure. Great first update, as Neal quite rightly said, the layout is soo darn good. You graphics get better and better lil’ zep, I love the light grays that fade the lower the table you go Tallery again – Very swag indeed.

Very cool, very swag, I like it!

Athletic Bilbao – Los Leones Rugientes | FM Scout

I hope you will all enjoy that story as much, maybe even more so, than this. Follow fmscout online.

Thanks for giving it a read! Notice Hey Guys, thank you for sticking with me and supporting my story despite the lack of updates.

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