COMNAVAIRFORINST C. 15 Jan 1-i. CHAPTER 1. Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance. Program (NAMP) Instruction. comnavairforinst pdf – mishmatch – download comnavairforinst these files are related to comnavairforinst comnavairforinst – pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST A. Supply Operations Manual (SOM) Ashore. COMNAVAIRFORINST B COMNAVAIRFORINST A.

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In some instances it is not feasible or advisable to remove a repairable component until a replacement is in hand.

The Date Time Group DTG of the message or serial coomnavairforinst of letter authorizing the deviation will be cited comnavairforimst the WO of the daily comnavairforinet conducted prior to commencement of the mission. Inspections based on less than hour intervals are not required to be logged in the AESR until the aircraft is transferred or an AESR tracked component is removed and turned in for repair, in which case the most recent inspections performed of each type and interval and the component hours must be logged.

Under no circumstance will cannibalization be performed to create a pool of RFI parts for general use to support flight operations or detachments.

Comnavairforinst 8380 2

Signature and rank of pilot accepting the aircraft. An aircraft logbook will comnavairforinnst maintained by reporting or physical custodians on all naval aircraft. This term is used to define costs which have accumulated as a result of O-level and I-level maintenance performed on, or in support of aircraft.

No impact on repair capability. The Logbook Clerk will perform the following functions: Information for obtaining logbook binders, forms, and other records is listed in Appendix B. Data processing equipment and supplies.

Chapter 5 – NAVAIR

The repair is authorized but cannot be performed due to a lack of technical comnavsirforinst, for example, permanent billet will be vacant for more than 30 days; temporary additional duty TAD billet will be vacant for more than 30 days; billet incumbent absent TAD, leave, etc. For aircraft equipped with onboard automated rotor vibration and diagnostic capability, FCFs are not required when making small incremental adjustments to minimize rotor induced vibrations provided no other maintenance actions have been completed that would require an FCF.


Notification will include the following information: All hour entries will include tenths. Enter a brief narrative description of each discrepancy.

Comnavairforinsr inspection is conducted between flights to verify the integrity of the aircraft for flight, verify proper servicing, and to detect degradation that may have occurred during the previous flight. Reorder material, if required, using a new document number and cite original document number in remarks of new requisition. If the cycle is started at phase C, perform MRCs for phases A and B as part of acceptance inspection and log on conditional and phase pages of aircraft logbook and aeronautical equipment service record AESR as applicable.

For aircraft without preservation maintenance technical manuals, preservation shall be performed per NAVAIR Enter the applicable part number and AFC s.

A number of MESM items are identified at the subsystem level, not by exact equipment designation. It also lists a source of supply and a disposal listing.

Structure, Nomenclature, and an introduction to. The message format will include the PN and nomenclature of each missing item, identified to the applicable aircraft BUNO. Each ACC or TYCOM will issue an operating budget from the applicable future comnavaigforinst plan expense limitation to finance the operations, maintenance, administrative, and TAD travel requirements of units assigned and of their own staff.

Comnavairfroinst Amadeus Mozart MRCs provide all requirements necessary for performing major engine inspections, and comnavaifrorinst the inspection requirements for the engine and all applicable QEC accessories for the respective aircraft applications.

This column may be used to enter brief remarks. BUNO of aircraft being inspected. Consumable hand tools used in the readiness and maintenance of aircraft, maintenance and repair of components, and related equipment. The transferring organization will take one of the following actions within 15 working days after receipt of shortage identification: The Type Wing Commander will initiate, coordinate, and monitor the special support procedures and will assure only a minimal range of essential material is approved for pack up or recommended for augmentation.


This block contains all components with life limits measured in flight hours or calendar time. The FAD is correlated with an urgency of need requirement to determine the priority assigned to requisitions. AWM backlog is low or none.

Unless otherwise indicated by the PMIC, a plus or minus 10 percent of the engine inspection interval is allowed for scheduling purposes. To determine responsibility for lost, damaged, or destroyed property and to fix the actual loss to the government. These flight comnavairforknst will contain instructions to assist pilots to obtain any comnavairflrinst or services deemed necessary comnavairfofinst the continuation of a flight.

All major repairs, inspections, flight and operational data will be recorded.

All chargeable requisitions and purchase orders must be recorded in the log. Some engines maintained under the major engine inspection concept also have this requirement while installed.

BAM 4 is authorized when there is a replacement asset in the wholesale system and the asset is required to resolve a material deficiency that is negatively affecting an operational requirement.

An operational evolution where an aircraft is refueled while the engine s is are operating. Naval messages or letters will be used to request approval to cannibalize only if the activity has no email comnavaiirforinst.

Comnavairforinst 2 Document

The logbook clerk will maintain local records on items that have a service life. Submit requisitions for all material used. Direct material requirements are expedited by ASD to ensure: The following is a summary of criteria for items to be excluded from an AIR: The applicable page number.