Items 1 – 21 of 57 FUJIMAE Artes marciales y deportes de combate. Cart 0 0 . In Stock. DVD: Police Tonfa 1 Quick view . DVD: Professional Tonfa Quick view. A 10 prim tonfa nightstick, modifiable to fit any avatar size or shape. Unscripted, beautifully textured Nível de maturidade General: Armas» Armas de combate. Batons, PEPPER SPRAYS, SPRAY FLASHLIGHT,S STUN GUNS, TONFAS, TEXTILE DISPOSABLE, HANDCUFFS, TONFAS · Accessories for Firearms.

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Gracias al equipo del museo: Perisai Diri with tonfa Videonya ngeblur dikit, I’m so sorry for it.

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It’s not quite Amano but it’s also not the style I usually draw in. Ocm though it’s just a sketch, I’m pretty happy with it! I just need to name her and give her a backstory.


Por participarem das aulas T. Inspired by thedojosatx to dust my tonfas out and play a bit with some basics. Obviously, I need a lot cm practice!

Training for the portuguesh police special forces. Voi avete mai provato ad utilizzarlo?

Avete mai avuto una formazione specifica per questo strumento? Keahlian comate memakai Tonfa Gadis Jerman. This character is actually part of the reason I’m still alive.

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Rayne was such a force for me growing up that I dyed my hair blood red for years and even took weapons training in her bladed tonfa style. Never think that a character in fantasy can’t inspire you. Working on a cosplay idea for this.

Beginners on Monday evening, Open Seminar to all styles and associations. Found this wooden weapon while digging the old stash at my Master’s place. Wiki says that the origin of the weapon is from Japan but I wonder how this ended up at our Dojo.


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Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Glen Spey, New York. San Nicolas – Obelisco. Okinawa Dojo Grand Wisata.