WCLTA Collocation a neglected aspect in teaching and learning EFL . Farghal,N., & Obiedat, H. (). collocations: a neglected variable in Read “COLLOCATIONS: A NEGLECTED VARIABLE IN EFL, IRAL – International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching” on. These are the sources and citations used to research collocation: a neglected variable in EFL. This bibliography was generated on Cite This.

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Despite the role of collocations in many aspects of second language learning, its significance has been neglected by the contrastive analysts in ELT.

The researchers analyzed the data to determine the sources of collocational errors, and the strategy types utilized by learners in order to overcome their collocational deficiencies. The results of the study showed that most of the students’ errors in writing did not originate from their insufficient knowledge of the grammar but from their inability with regard to the combination of language units.

Moreover, the findings revealed that learners made use of four strategy types including transfer, synonym, repetition and paraphrase to overcome their collocatinos problems, with transfer strategy ranking as the most frequently used strategy followed by the use of synonym. The implications and applications of the study are discussed. Knowledge of English lexical collocations among male Saudi college students majoring in English at neglexted Saudi university. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.


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collocation: a neglected variable in EFL – English bibliographies – Cite This For Me

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User Username Password Remember me. Abstract Despite the role of collocations in many aspects of second language learning, its significance has been neglected by the contrastive analysts in ELT. Keywords collocation; lexical collocation; grammatical collocations; collocational errors.

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