This software/documentation contains proprietary information of Cognos .. Framework Manager User. Guide. Creating and publishing models using. This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence Version and may How is IBM Cognos 8 PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 After Exporting to PDF the Label for the OTHER Category in a Pie Chart . Transformer is used when you insert the Cube File Name into the report title. To use modeling tools, such as Framework Manager and IBM Cognos For instructions about installing and configuring IBM Cognos BI Server, see the IBM Cognos Series 7.x Transformer models to IBM Cognos BI Transformer or later.

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Page Returns a specific number of characters, starting at the right of the string. The rollup functions specify how measure values are evaluated in the reporting components. Page 86 The name you specify for the levels must match the source column name. When a data source has more than one signon configured, the multiple signons are shown on the Content Store Data Source tab in the Data Source property sheet.

Either you have referred to a data source uder an object name or object identifier that Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the data source. The following table describes the parameters specified in the publish specification file.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Optimization of the Operating Environment. These data sources may contain prompts that add interactivity for users.

Cognos Products and Tools

You can verify Cognos Transformer object names and identifiers on the Windows interface. Page v Your model can only have one time dimension. IBM may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

AutoPartitionOff Setting A setting of 2 ensures that model files imported into the current version of Cognos Transformer switch to use the Auto-Partition feature, unless one or more cubes in the model contain features that preclude use of this default optimization method.

This allows the consolidated records to be written to the cube as specified. Page – Example – Yser a Failed Process fr When you disable allocation, Cognos Transformer creates data points with missing values, which appear as zeros in your OLAP reports.


Page todayReturns the result: In such cases, you specify the actual level of detail to which the date values apply.

IBM Cognos User Manual

Procedure To resolve the problem, open the PowerCube Status dialog box from the Tools menu and enable at least one PowerCube so that Cognos Transformer can proceed with the cube creation process. In the Dimension type box, select the Time option. To ussr glossaries for other IBM products, go to www. You can explicitly request consolidation by changing the Consolidate setting on the General tab of the PowerCube property sheet.

Page Cognos Transformer model. Quantity of items sold and profit margin are examples of such performance indicators. For example, a data source can be read during category generation, during cube creation, or both.

Cognos Products and Tools – TechyLib

Example – Union of Excluded Categories in Two Dimensions This example describes the union of excluded categories in two dimensions. When you run the Show Scope command, you see a color-coded Dimension Map that highlights relationships between the measure and levels 84. a dimension. Since prompts apply to all queries in the Cognos Transformer model but are maintained separately for each trajsformer, the specified values should be the same in all queries.

In IBM Cognos, alternate drill-down paths are also referred to as alternate hierarchies within the same dimension. Define any other attributes of the count, such as the format and click OK.

Page The optimization methods include: Moreover, no new data exists in data source B to provide a new target category. Time State Rollup Cognos Transformer represents the state of a measure at specific times. Procedure If you know that suspended models should exist because Cognos Transformer failed at some point, search your path for files with the.

If the special category has only one child, you can either supply a value for the special category or accept the value taken from the child.

If you are working vuide the Windows interface when a process fails or when Cognos Transformer encounters an invalid entry or request, one or more error messages usually appear. Tr, Tr Cognos Transformer has created a key orphanage in the target level for a cube group. On UNIX and Linux, it loads the model file, but turns off population of the model with data and cube creation.

  AR 600-235 PDF

TR The currency table populate failed. Either you have referred to a category by an object name or object identifier powerpkay Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the category. Extra Query Items When you create a data source using a report that contains groupings, the report query sometimes shows extra query items.

For example, the first-of-month and today functions are only available for the Date data class. In the Namespace list, select the appropriate namespace. Click Next until you are returned to Selection for An asterisk beside a prompt name identifies a mandatory prompt. By default, Cognos Transformer stores suspended models with the extension.


Page If the level you want to associate with the column contains only unique category values, select the Unique check box on the Source tab of the Level property sheet. Page IBM Cognos reporting and analysis. You may need to restart Windows.

You have asked Cognos Transformer to generate date categories in a time dimension. If you do not create a Cognos Transformer signon, you will not be able to build cubes in teansformer mode.

Page 97 – Track Changes in a Measure over Several Consolidation Consolidation uses rollups trznsformer combine records with identical non-measure values into a single record, thereby reducing cube size and improving run-time performance in your OLAP reporting component. Creating a Single Calculated Category Perform the following steps to create a single calculated category.

In such cases, all measure values are retained in the cube, but the restricted dimensions cannot be accessed by the excluded users. Cignos A constant is a fixed value that you can use in an expression.