Executing CLISTs. To execute a CLIST, use the EXEC command. From an ISPF command line, type TSO in front of the command. In TSO/E EDIT or TEST mode. This tutorial describes methods by which you can executed CLIST on your mainframe installations. The CLIST language enables you to work more efficiently with TSO/E. You can write programs, called CLISTs, that perform given tasks or.

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Press enter and your new dataset should be created. You can also still kn optional parameters following after the required parameters if you wish. End of Digression on setting Cut-and-paste keys.

How do you know if the name is already in use? The same attribute display screen should be reshown, this time pairing your new DSN with the attributes from the other dataset.


Hello, What did you use for the forum search keywords? The target of GOTO has to be the label of a statement that cliat a label. These are pretty much what they look like. A link cclist the IBM manual on that is included at the end of this article, however, if you want to look it up there. The standard prompt ni the user the name of the parameter that is missing, whatever name you have chosen.


It is basically a list of other TSO commands. For example, the following lines could be used as an awkward method for writing the word South: Note we said Copy, not Cut. Builtin variables you can use: It has two cousins. First, however, observe whether there is already a command there.

Mainframe CLIST pdf and examples

Sorry againThe return code is 0 now This programming-language -related article is a stub. If the Command field is already occupieddo the following otherwise skip this paragraph.

Without parentheses to change the order, exponentiation is done first, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction mainfrmae, like real math. For example, if you invoke the FREE command to free a dataset that happens not to be currently allocated, it issues a message telling you so. Again you enclose the name within apostrophes because it includes your userid at the first part of the name.

I suggest that you provide a trace of your rexx exec.

It looks sort of like the upper right hand corner cclist a square, or like a hyphen with a small vertical bit hanging down at the end of it. As you may know, TSO adds the three-asterisk line at the end when it finishes writing to the screen in line mode rather than full screen mode. Before we go any further into the syntax and structure of your CLIST itself, you probably want to know where to house your CLIST so that the system will be able to find it when you want to run it.


Wed Nov 03, 1: The following lines would find the positions of the first three vowels in the alphabet:. You can also make up your own symbolic variables, assign them default values, reassign the values during execution, and insist that the user specify values on the command line at execution time when they run your CLIST. For example, from the ISPF command line, a user might say:.

I changed the above code as follows: Retrieved 12 May Mainframd are happy that the CLIST runs — whoopee — but disappointed that the text came out entirely upper case. Cary — John R.

How to process gdg in rexx program wh Click the “Search for all terms”. You just press enter whenever TSO displays the three-asterisk line.

I just wanted you to know that this capability exists. Go ahead and try it for yourself. Vincent Learson — Frank T.