Aqualis Caleo high-temperature air-to-water heat pumps are specially .. As part of its policy of continual product improvement, CIAT reserves the right to make. AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and as those offered by CIAT´s Aqualis Caleo product – were limited to 20kw. Consult CIAT’s NAN brochure on MedicalExpo. Aqualis 2’s added benefits The Aqualis 2 heat pump from CIAT is the key AGEO CALEO – NAD.

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It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. D e u t s ch If you claeo not have a torque wrench, tighten them until they are snug then tighten a further quarter turn.

If the direction of rotation is wrong: Controlled by dry contact J1 D e u t s ch In all three cases, the circulator can be started back up to protect the exchanger from freezing temperatures. D e u t s ch – Open the valves on the water circuits and make sure water is flowing through the heat pump.

In hot water production mode heating, pool, frost protection or domestic hot water modes: Go to following day Time and day adjustment, unit off Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Not used Four-cursor display Four-cursor display —————————- Off and reset mode permanent fault —————————- Frost protection mode Aqualks authorised to produce hot water Go to Comfort mode, Economy mode then Programmed faleo.

The complete table of settings is given on the following page. Hoses must be used to connect the water pipes to limit as far as possible the vibrations transmitted to the building. Quiet variable speed propeller fan driven by an electronically commutated DC brushless motor. Remove the top as shown in Figure 1 and make a connection to terminal block J1 on the PSU board the one with the contactor.


Insulate the pipes and hoses carefully to prevent heat loss and condensation.

Air/water heat pump – AQUACIAT CALEO – CIAT

It is therefore strictly prohibited to bypass it; doing so will create a safety hazard to property and people. This can be done by opening the manual bleed valve located under the unit cover when turning the unit on or by installing a section of the water line and an automatic bleed valve over the unit.

Selecting a location In most cases, the control terminal should be placed in the room in cxleo the atmosphere is to be controlled.

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. To do so, loosen the screw Fig.


Classic air conditioning unit Wall-mounted fan coil unit Hot water heater. Fault management remains on during test mode. English Fig 1 1 Remove the middle screw calep of unit 2 Detach both ends as shown in picture 3 Remove of the top by sliding it toward the rear D e u t s ch – The characteristics of the mains supply must aqua,is identical to those on the data plate.

With aqualiw thought of material improvement always in mind, CIAT reserves the right, without notice, to proceed with any technical modification.

This packaged unit is designed to be installed outdoors in urban environments. Adjusting setting P6 P6 Auxiliary configuration Bypass type by opening of contact on terminal block J2 – terminals 4 and 5 0 No auxiliary units Heat pump turned off 1 Electric auxiliary units Only electric auxiliary units turned off 2 Electric auxiliary units Heat pump and electric auxiliary units turned off 3 Boiler auxiliary Heat pump turned off and boiler turned on e.


The protective covers may be removed in order to change the circulator speed or reach the release screws. Although it is rain resistant, it may be installed under a shelter with adequate ventilation on all four sides.

The fault type appears on the terminal LCD.

Then check for any leaks. A 3 bar safety valve must be placed on the water loop. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

It aqulais not necessary to add glycol to your system if you are absolutely sure that there is no risk of freezing temperatures in your area. Connect your contact between these two terminals.

Protect your indoor water circuit with a mix of water, antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor and, possibly, a biocide. Circulator Recommendations Take the operating readings and perform the checks listed in the table Section 4. calek

D e u t s ch Connection diagrams schematic diagrams The predominant problem with outdoor units is disturbance caused to the neighbourhood because of noise.

Insulate the filter or install it indoors protect from freezing temperatures. Turn the terminal dial to one of the following positions: Make mention of any damaged or missing parts on the delivery slip. Faults are stored in memory during power cuts and the fault relay is stuck in a particular position.

The valve does not need claeo be separated from the aqulis by a shut-off valve. No special precautions are required to protect it from adverse weather other than frost in areas calfo frost is a possibility. Italiano 4 Location of the unit The installer must check the following points before handling, placing or connecting the unit: This packaged unit is designed to be installed outdoors in urban environments.