In the twenty-first century, The Chymical Wedding by Johann Valentin Andreae continues to be acknowledged as a literary gem, an exceptional story written in. The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this.

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To him the Virgin, rising and bowing, gave a red velvet gown and a laurel branch, and seated him on the steps of her throne.

Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, PDF | Global Grey

This is where one finds the teaching of the dead raised incorruptible I Cor It was written down by Valentin Andreae, then a seventeen-year-old student rosenjreutz Tubingen University, later to become a Lutheran pastor. The slaughtering and roasting of the Paschal lamb begins in the evening near Easteras does The Chymical Wedding.

The images are drawings from Johfra Bosschart, a Dutch modern artist Then the black executioner, preparing to withdraw, was himself beheaded, and his head placed with his axe in a little shrine. And the King replied.

The phoenix chritian the table represents the result of the transformation. When he chases a pigeon and a rave both alchemical symbols he finds himself unintentionally one of the paths. Presently the young King took the black-bound book from the altar, and asked those of us who were resolved to keep faith with him to write our names in it. Here we found our Bird awaiting us, and a cool milky bath prepared for him, in which he pleasantly sported; as the lamps beneath it made it warmer, we had enough to do to keep him in the bath, and therefore clapped a cover on, suffering him to thrust out his head through a hole.

THE FIFTH DAY Next morning, being awake long before the rest, I entreated my page to lead me a little about the Castle, and show me somewhat that was rare, whereupon he led me down an underground staircase to an iron door, on which was inscribed in copper letters: The attendants who before had been invisible were now visible to us, whereat I was exceeding joyful. But after a quarter of an hour, a round hole in the ceiling was uncovered from above, where we saw our Virgin, who bade us a cheerful goodmorrow, desiring us to come up.

In it the Guardian of the First Portal reported that his observations of the stars revealed that one of the King’s guests had uncovered Venus; thus the time had wfdding when he himself should be released from rosenkrreutz office, and he beggged to be permitted to be present at that evening’s banquet in the hope of discovering his successor.


Along each of the funnels thus made, I saw a bright stream of flame shoot down from the aperture in the roof, and enter the sleeping image, which immediately twinkled its eyes though scarcely stirring. Our Virgin now entered with two curious garments, which could have been crystal but that they were gentle and not transparent.

To ascribe our Order only to God and His handmaid, Nature.

If you are looking to connect with one, explore the Lectorium Rosicrucianum. I had fastened my tokens round my hat, of which the young King soon took notice, and demanded if I were he who chjmical the gate had redeemed these tokens.

Then the poor Bird himself submissively laid down his neck upon the book, and willingly suffered his head to be smitten off by one of us, thereto chosen by lot.

It is therefore a book of great significance for our time, one that it is important should be studied both for the deep impression made by its Mystery pictures and for an understanding of its spiritual revelations.

Meanwhile, the Virgin espied my roses, which I had taken out of my hat into my hands; thereupon by her page she graciously requested them of me, which I readily sent her. In the final chapter—the seventh day—CRC is knighted; chymixal year is See Note 2 Rudolf Steiner has told us that in chymiacl middle of the thirteenth century a child was born who had a very special destiny. Through it we reached the King’s Treasury, a glorious vault which had no other light but from certain huge carbuncles, and where, my page told me, I would see things which no human eye outside the Royal Family chyjical ever seen till now.

By rosenkreytz this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Its anonymous authorship is attributed to Johann Valentin Andreae. I imagined you would have made yourself very snug!

This could equally be said of “The Chymical Wedding. Cupid darted hither and thither; sometimes he seated himself between the two lovers; sometimes he made as if he would shoot one of us; he was so full of his waggery that he would not spare even the little birds, which flew about the chamber in multitudes. This was arched into seven hemispheres, and at the top of the middle and highest of these I spied a small aperture.

Finally, in came a coal-black Moor, with a naked axe in his hand. The Beginning of the Journey: We assisted the Virgin to burn the body together with a little tablet hanging by to ashes, with fire kindled at the little taper, and to lay them in a box of chymucal wood.

I answered yes in the most humble manner; but he laughed on me, saying there henceforth needed no ceremony, I was HIS Father. Bread is also broken in the letters of Paul and the Book of Acts; however bread is never broken in the general letters of Peter, James, Jude and John. It was sealed with a little seal which bore a curious cross, together with the inscription, “In this Sign conquer,” at which I felt greatly comforted, knowing that this sign was little acceptable, and much less useful, to the devil.


As a young man, he became very ill; he took no gosenkreutz his body became almost transparent; and finally he lay in a trance for some days. The old man commanded us to lay them on a long table covered with white velevet and to cover them with white taffeta, which, because of their unspeakable beauty, it went hard with us to do. She welcomed us in the name of the Bride and the Bridegroom, but warned us that next morning we must all be wrdding, to determine which chymlcal worthy chfistian stay and assist at the Wedding.

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Watching the execution of these sentences, I felt my eyes run over, till at last the garden, which had been so wedfing, was emptied, and a silence fell upon it. Then an old man with ice-grey locks appeared at the edge of the opening, calling for silence.

Here is the student at the beginning of the alchemical Great Work the retorts on the floor. The ring of office was now placed upon my finger, and the King embraced dhristian, telling me this was the last time I would see him in this manner, from all of which I understood that in the morning I, most wretched man, had nobody to show me the way, who should approach me but the two august old lords — Atlas and the Warden of the Tower — who conducted me into a glorious lodging, in which stood three beds, and each of us lay in one of them.

Although the book first appeared inthe story takes place over years earlier. Opening a copper door in the pavement, my page now led me down another exceeding dark staircase to an even deeper chamber. When he returned to consciousness it seemed as if the twelve streams of wisdom had been woven by him into an all-embracing wisdom.

By now the dusk had deepened, and a bell began to ring within the Castle.