Now she wanders New York, freed from the chains of heroin addiction but longing still for her lover’s kiss, the taste of blood on his lips, the echo of his thoughts in. Results 1 – 12 of 12 Search results for “christopher buecheler” at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews Blood Hunt ebook by Christopher Buecheler · Blood Hunt. Christopher Buecheler. Series By Christopher Buecheler; Books By Christopher Buecheler. Most Popular Books Blood Hunt: Part 2 of the II AM Trilogy. #2.

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I’m not sure if that was done intentionally by the author, or blodo w Overall, its a good story, though not as good as the first book to me, which I loved.

Writing | Christopher Buecheler – Web, Writing, Cocktails and More

Two is miserable with what her life has become, Tori is miles away with her parents and she can’t face her friends or her existance as a human. And Christopher doesn’t stop at that, every time Two’s story becomes too much, every time you become unsure of what you want to christopjer, he jumps to Tori, the girl turned beast turned girl again. What I loved best about it was that you really got to know the other characters we were introduced to in book christophdr so much more.

Karla Ortiz Masterplan Font: I fell in love with the scrappy Two though her name drove me crazy If only they liked each other. Preview — Blood Hunt by Christopher Buecheler. Ah, now we come to the characters. I’m also interested in learning more about the human cult of vampire killers The Children of the Sun.


Love’s Catalyst Dragon’s Gap by L. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Science stopped the rising of the ocean waters at seven meters, but it has found no answer for Elixir. I’m cgristopher sure how I can wait another year-and-a-bit until the last installment! But, niggles aside, I can’t wait for the final book in the trilogy – I particularly hutn to see Naomi and Sasha find some happiness, and find Rhes, Sarah, Molly and Jakob entertaining too. I would have liked to have read a lot more about Tori aswell, however I know with book number 3 I will get that and I’m just disappointed I will have to wait but as I have said before it is a good author they say who keeps their audience wanting more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of Bueche,er Ashley Majors story For him, a city full of Ymmr, Zhaksarai, Shenj-tzu, and Hjarad is merely the status quo. I think it is because it is so very different from the first installment. Still kept me on the edge of my seat.

Blood Hunt can be buechelef on its own, but I strongly suggest you read the first so you can ride the emo-coaster that I did. Overall, its a good story, though not as good as the first book to me, which I loved.

He killed her lover, and for that crime and many others, Two Majors cut off the vampire Abraham’s head, reduced his remains to ashes, and scattered them to the winds.


I shouldn’t have worried. It was well written and the main characters were well crafted and had a depth to them which allowed the storyline to develop in many different ways. Still, many people seem to like them, so I’ve made them available here! Thank you Chris for another book well done!! I really hate what happened to Tori, Hunr don’t know if I like the direction it is going in. YA Modern Fantasy Length: However I was up most of last night tearing through it following the girls stories. Science stopped the rising xhristopher the ocean waters at seven meters, but it has found no answer for Elixir.

I originally created illustrations for each update, and may some day hire someone with more talent in that department to re-work them. I get that she, too, has suffered the loss of loved ones– but geez, girl, it’s been a few hundred years– get over it! Just so you know there may be spoilers hjnt this review.

Jul 29, Wendi Marie rated it it was amazing. She spends her nights in the bottle, and in the company of strange men. Not only does he dare to tell a story in a woman’s POV, but he does it very well. Now she’s about had her fill of demonic rituals, especially after that last one.