cfheader name=”content-disposition” value=”inline; filename=”> cfheader name=”Content-type” value=”text/tabdelimited”> cfheader. Using CFHeader and CFContent to control file downloads – Coldfusion – Advanced IIRC, if you set mime-type=”application/unknown” for all file types, you. One of the most important headers that you can set it he content-type header, which can be set implicitly using the CFContent tag. Other than.

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For many file types, such as Cfheaedr documents, that Internet Explorer can display directly in the browser, the browser displays the file without asking users whether to save it if you use a cfheader tag similar to the following:.

If the user selects to open the file, most browsers open the file in the related application, not the browser window. So for IE, Firefox, and Safari 1. Tim Bray coontent-type pointed out why its important for people to get their act together:. For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages:.

Most people end up serving them cotnent-type the content-type: If you specify a file or variable attribute, this attribute has no effect; otherwise, it does the following: But the problem comes in downloading.

When you use this attribute, any other output on the current CFML page is ignored; only the contents of the file is sent to the client. For file types that might contain executable code, such as Microsoft Excel documents, most browsers always ask before opening the document.


The Proper Content Type for XML Feeds

For a complete list of media types used on the Internet, see www. In this case all output is sent with the specified type. The following are some of the content type values you can use include: You can vote for that bug in bugzilla if you find the save content-tyep to be annoying when you click on RSS feeds.

RSS use is only going to grow in the coming years. Obviously, this is not an acceptable solution. Is there another way to code this? Or are they so basic cfheder they are unreliable for controlling downloads across browsers? For these file types, the inline content disposition specification requests the browser to display the file directly if the user selects to open the file. For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages:.

I’ve got this part written. Hai, my rss contains error i not able to find where is the error anyone know please find. The Cfheadeer content type of the page, optionally followed by a semicolon and the character encoding. Peter– Thanks for posting this. Now, ColdFusion attempts to get the content type from the file. HTTP already has fairly extensive and powerful cache cfheadsr headers in existence. Useful Very Useful Not Useful. For more information, see the Administrator online Help.

Thank you so much! The disadvantages to registering additional MIME types are multiple: The first option did not work. The following are some of the content type values that you can use:. It seems a shame that uploads can fcheader controlled so perfectly, but downloading is sort of hit-or-miss. Go online find the cheap michael kors for bags,purses,accessory.


All times are GMT. I actually started investigating this, then realised it was spam! If you specify a file, this attribute has no effect. Name of an on-disk or in-memory file whose contents provide the page output. Now i’ve implemented this hack in my Zope server and so far so good. If the file is a Using CFHeader and CFContent to control filedownloads When you specify the correct mime-type, the user’s browser takes over whatever default action the user has specified for that type of file.

The Proper Content Type for XML Feeds

The second one did: For more information on character encodings, see the following web pages: The filename must start with a drive letter and a colon, or a forward or backward slash. The reset and file attributes are mutually exclusive. RSS Feeds have a content type problem. Why should it be necessary to specify new, incompatible MIME types to solve problems that have already been solved within the XML files? Sends the contents of a file, or of a variable that contains binary data, as the page output.

The ship has already sailed.