Question. Can I transmit into the receive port of a duplexer? Answer. With a few exceptions most duplexers will permit transmitting into either port. Many units are . Duplexers are used to simultaneously transmit and receive from a single antenna . They are three-port devices comprising a combination of transmit and. A collection of duplexer specifications. A Guide to Duplexer Specifications version Celwave / Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).

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This website requires javascript in order to function properly. This The curving of the tower in this photo is not camera distortion. They are great systems — built like tanks and extremely reliable. Items left on seller’s premises after this removal deadline will revert back to possession of the seller, with no refund. Depending on whether or not we have some already made up and ready in our inventory, it might take us a few days to custom fabricate the loops and ship them to you.

Page last refreshed Mon, Dec 31, 9: When we do the full loop assembly conversion job, we clearly mark the new designator on the underside of the flange, and typically label the outside of the enclosure as well with the conversion date and the new designation number. So is the resulting performance and ability to be accurately tuned and for that tuning to remain stable. Doing so involves a fair amount of time and work, including total overhaul of each cavity, custom manufacturing of the correct length loops, capacitor replacements, and the building of a new frame for the expanded 6-cavity set, not to mention final tuning and performance testing.

We have been monitoring the status of a tower in a community south of Opelika which was supposed to have been taken down a while back.

AFCRAS was formed by a group of Alabama hams xelwave to provide the Alabama Amateur Radio enthusiast community the quality and level of service they have been wanting for many years. Please mail payment in company check, certified funds or money order to: Never miss a sale!


It is also bowing and leaning very badly. Celwavf check your internet connectivity.

WISCO International (CELWAVE – Duplexers)

Reassembly, Cable Harness Inspection duplecer Service, and Final Testing With all the components overhauled and celwavr using the new frame and mounting rails, each cable, Tee-connector, etc. No refunds will be issued. This is how the tower looked when the owner went to investigate the loss of signal from his celwabe. Finding specifications, especially for models that are no longer cuplexer production, can be a very frustrating process. Item sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty written or implied.

As can be seen in these photos showing the plungers before and after the application of some TLC, the difference is more than visible. Eclwave complete conversion, expansion, and overhaul job such crlwave the ones described celwavr, commonly involves between 15 to 20 hours of labor, plus. Fri, December 28 – Mon, January Show Ignored Content Thread Status: Please contact Rodney Renwich at It is important to verify that any unit has the proper length harness cables for the frequencies to which it will be tuned, as most duplexers will not meet their published specifications with the wrong cables or the wrong length cables.

The thermal probe is strapped to the back of the P. N8NOEFeb 5, This unit was sent to EMR Corp in November and checked out top to bottom, factory tuned to my frequency, paperwork will be provided to the purchaser. Share This Page Your name or email address: Please click here for help on how to enable javascript.

Well that’s strange, I posted an update on this yesterday along with a ham-to-ham reference and my post from here is missing. Depending on your budget, location, skills, and available resources, the following options are available for converting a set to a -B model:. This generation of the project utilizes an Ethernet shield running on an Arduino Mega development board. Important Rules Have you read our Swapmeet Rules?

This is one bidding increment above the current bid on this item.

Celwave Duplexer

When searching the markets for a pre-owned unit, it is often difficult to determine the suitability of available units to a particular application. As can be seen, the bolts remained intact in the mating leg, and the force was sufficient to cause the bolts to rip through the galvanized metal tower leg. Buyer responsible for inspecting the items before placing bids, and prompt item removal within ten 10 business days after receipt of invoice. We Custom machined mounting and frame bars for conversion to 6-cavity set.


We start with high quality, mil copper and carefully cut, shape, drill, and polish the replacement loops.

However, it is always advisable to check the unit’s specifications for more information. Here are a few photos of the damage and how the tower failed as a result of the incident. Back to Antennas page Back to Home. Thursday, February 28, between Contact us or call x The End Results A complete conversion, expansion, and overhaul job such as the ones described here, commonly involves between 15 to 20 hours of labor, plus With With all the components overhauled and reassembled using the new frame and mounting rails, each cable, Tee-connector, etc.

If you are still not sure, there are two dead giveaways that your set needs conversion: Not open for further replies.

This really is an excellent duplexer for a CM repeater. But have no fear — they can be converted to a -B set and meet or exceed factory performance specifications. Your name or email address: After disassembly of the old cavities, one celeave the many steps in the overhaul and conversion process involves getting the tuning plungers back in good. During the installation of the new, replacement loops of proper dimensions for 2-Meter operation, we also replace the trimmer capacitors.

After you receive the invoice, you will have five 5 business days to get your payment mailed to our office, or your account will be suspended, and the item will be awarded to the backup-bidder, or re-listed.