Documents Similar To James-Redfield-Vodič-kroz-celestinsko- proročanstvo. Celestinsko Prorocanstvo Iskustveni Vodic. Uploaded by. celestina Celestinsko proročanstvo has ratings and reviews. Sh3lly ( ) said: I haven’t read this book since I was about I remem. CELESTINSKO PROROCANSTVO [DZEJMS REDFILD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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This level of literature is more for reading in the tub or on the morning bus commute. Some of the qustions however still remains like why humain being is here and what can be the highest point in life which can be called the raison d’etre of life. The book is a first-person narrative of the narrator’s spiritual awakening as he goes through a transitional period of his life.

That being said, the story was a bit cheesy at times. The main lessons I took away from When I read this book way back in I’d always been a very head-driven person.

We humans have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only man Favorite Quotes It’s hard to say if this is a piece of fiction or philosophy. Nov 26, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl. Holding the Vision, I will check into.

That was the way I had been brought up. Celestinio it offered an enjoyable tale that could be read quickly while easily explaining a few simple keys.

Celestinsko proročanstvo (Celestine prophecy )

I enjoyed this book, and am going to take the bit on interpersonal relationships and apply it to my own life so that I can be a friendlier and more outgoing person- but I also found some concepts celesitnino the bit about money in exchange for knowledge, as well prorocanstv the portrayal of Marjorie as prorovanstvo pathetic.

All of a sudden I was hooked, and I’d become one of those people for who “the b I read this book because I kept bumping into people who would casually mention it and how good they thought it was. I read a chapter a day on the train. It is written in such a way that you journey on this quest with the main character but his quest is your quest. Those asking the larger of lifes questions. The DaVinci Code, as much as it pains me to say, is vastly better written.

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Why is that a bad thing? Want to Read saving…. Keeping our eyes and minds open to internal thoughts, prorocansttvo dreams, people we meet and what we gain from them, are all fascinating and important. We humans have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have known, by seeking to psychologically steal it from the proeocanstvo unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world.

This constant power play is holding us back from further development.

Create reciprocal ACE reference 1 7 Nov 05, When love prorocanstgo happens, the individuals are giving each other energy unconsciously and both people feel buoyant and elated. That being said, a book like this is best approached with an open mind because once you get past the its rhetoric on energy the insights can be taken allegorically as an overview of folk psychology- the appreciation of beauty, power stuggles in relationship I think this book is one that you will either have a love or hate affair with.

A book that has protocanstvo passed from hand to hand, from friend to friend, since it first appeared in small bookshops across America, The Celestine Prophecy is a work that has come to light at a time when the world deeply needs to read its words.

I love the learning part of what is already observed and known about our human experience personal and collectively.


It will take you from the mountains of Peru to the beginnin Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is prorocaanstvo spiritual adventure that makes you think and re-think what we know about life and ourself.

That being said, it’s true that it doesn’t really follow prorocanstvvo typical novel concept as, to me, it felt more like spiritual concepts wrapped into a story. View all 5 comments.

It goes over nine insights that our society is to come across or learn in our current century to aid in our global awakening and awareness so that our society then as the ninth insight states will become one of spirituality and peace creating a heaven on earth. Pustolovina Celestine Prophecy 1 by James Redfield.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Still, one of the first “new age” books. And probably buy some copies for other people.

Formats and Editions of Celestinsko proročanstvo []

There are some things about our brain activity that defy explanation. The main character undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights in an ancient manuscript in Peru.

This book really is theory with science fiction.

Quotes from Celestinsko proro I was most interested in relating the insights to my own progocanstvo abilities. The main lessons I took away from this book were: As someone who dislikes the term “new age,” but is partial to many “new agey” ideas, I guess there was a higher possibility I would like this than others.

Seeing the reviews and the ratings