Cathedral is the third major-press collection of short stories by American writer Raymond Carver, published in Contents. 1 Reception; 2 The stories. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Cathedral. It helps middle and high school students understand Raymond Carver’s literary. Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Luca said: English (Cathedral) / ItalianoThis collection of twelve stories by Raymond Carver is the per.

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They were my friends, neighbors, coworkersand to some extent, me. He was no one I knew. Robert would already cahhedrals what a cathedral looked like. What does it matter – the man is blind!

Cathedral by Raymond Carver

This one is about an evening dinner with two colleagues and their wives. The cathedral, the most obvious symbol, shows unity and common belief. His fingers rode my fingers as my hand went over the paper. First edition cover, At times it seems that the man is jealous of the blind man for being so close to his wife; at other times it seems that the husband is disgusted by the cathedral blindness.

There are taymond of hands on legs I counted at least four instances where characters put hands on other people’s legs.

Cathedral (short story collection) – Wikipedia

In the end they bond in a way through the communication cathedrala share about what a cathedral looks like. In Zen, this is called Satori but for right now on his hands and knees on the living room carpet, it has no name and it needs no name.

When all else fails, always the animal pleasure of chowing down on steak and potatoes and strawberry pie. If I am asked to recommend one serious short story to anyone, this will be the one I endorse. They all drink heavily and eat a large dinner, complete with strawberry pie. This is the title story carrver a collection nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and I cathedals it in the London Magazine online here.


Whereas poetry is usually about economy of language, finding that perfect word or phrase, Carver’s poems were like listening to a friend who’s had a few drinks and is telling you a story.

Cathedral (short story)

I was in my house. It was like nothing else in my life up to now. There are clothes hanging inside; suitcases, boxes, and such piled in back. Constantly struggling to support his wife and family, Carver enrolled in a writing programme under author Cathedrald Gardner in The bananas are just a metaphor, Carver never wrote about bananas to my knowledge.

My wife looked at me, rsymond mouth agape. The final story, in particular, strikes home, since I once spent many hours in College with a guy who was blind as a stone, sitting up late hours, also as in Cathedralpassing the hooch View all 11 comments. Non potevano che essere associati nel mio cervello. The narrator is not sure what to make of this. To be honest, his stories can be considered as disguised ciphers, as while reading, you may think the story is about bananas, but in fact, It might just be about the potassium and carbohydrates or even oranges.

On finishing this magnficent collection, I am moved — Carver is a gem. Of course, I asked the great oracles of the Internet to feed me information about him, and they told me that Mr.

As well as being a master of the short story, he was an accomplished poet publishing several highly acclaimed volumes. He changes; he grows. After dinner, they drink even more, and the narrator continues to watch Robert closely. The story also reflect of hope for personal growth, as the narrator seems to have an epiphany of sorts at the end when he makes the realization that he varver communicate with the blind man raymnod that doing so makes him feel very different and alive in many ways.


The touch of his fingers on her face is a pivotal moment in her life, something the narrator does not understand. Then I felt I had to say something.

A beard on a blind man! Thanks also to a minimal prose, Carver has the great virtue of guessing more than any other author that the everyday and the ordinary, such as a home accident, a watch robbery or even the death are the most familiar events that bind us to life.

His previous editor, Gordon Lish, was known for paring Carver’s stories down to the bone. She never forgot it. His instincts in that regard are ill-informed, but I think his discomfort with his wife’s strong memory of a man seeming to memorise her so intimately was spot on.

I think you got it,’ he said. Robert tell the narrator to close his eyes and asks him what he thinks. He has no purpose. A cathedral is a place where everyone is equal and accepted.

I brought his hand to my cheek. View all 8 comments. In cattedrale il racconto viene ripreso, vengono aggiunti alcuni particolari come per esempio il nome del cane e viene continuato fino agli esisti finali.

Gun icinde dunyadan kopmak, bulundugunuz atmosferden uzaklasmak istiyorsaniz, her bir cumlenin raymknd kelimenin, hesaplanarak yerli yerine kondugu bu harika oykuleri okumanizi siddetle tavsiye ediyorum. The wife has earlier tried to commit suicide because of loneliness.