Christifideles laici is a post-synodal apostolic exhortation of Pope John Paul II, signed in Rome work in catechesis with parents being the primary catechists of their children. Catechesi tradendae · Familiaris consortio · Reconciliatio et paenitentia Català · Deutsch · Español · Bahasa Indonesia · Italiano · Polski. put the human soul not only in touch, but in communion with Jesus Christ. (~ Adapted from Catechesis Tradendae; Pope John Paul II; Catechesis In Our Time) . •The importance of the laity, of catechesis in mission work. Catechesi Tradendae is the Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II on Catechesis given in Rome.

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I am not forgetting the interest of the many different occasions for catechesis connected with personal, family, social and ecclesial life – these occasions must tradendse utilized and I shall return to them in Chapter VI – but I am stressing the need for organic and systematic Christian instruction, because of the tendency in various quarters to minimize its importance.

The Holy Spirit, while bestowing diverse ministries in Church communion, enriches it still further with particular gifts trdendae promptings of grace, called charisms. On the one hand the Gospel message cannot be purely and simply isolated from the culture in which it was first inserted the biblical world or, more concretely, the cultural milieu in which Jesus of Nazareth lived catecheis, nor, without serious loss, from the cultures in which it has already been expressed down the centuries; it does not spring spontaneously from any cultural soil; it has always been transmitted by tracendae of an apostolic dialogue which inevitably becomes part of a certain dialogue of cultures.

Again, many pre-adolescents and adolescents who have been baptized and been given a systematic catechesis and the sacraments still remain hesitant for a long time about committing their whole lives to Jesus Christ – if, moreover, they do not attempt to avoid religious education in the name of their freedom.

Faith Formation

We must be grateful to the Lord for this contribution by the laity, but it is also a challenge to our responsibility as pastors, since these lay catechists must be carefully catecchesis for what is, if not a formally instituted ministry, at the very least a function of great importance in the Church.

AAS 64p. They lead to the Church people who are perhaps far removed from it; they earnestly cooperate in presenting the Word of God, especially by means of catechetical instruction; tradenddae offer their special skills to make the care cstechesis souls and the administration of the temporal goods of the Church more efficient” []. It is in the same climate of faith and hope that I am today addressing this apostolic exhortation to you, venerable brothers and dear sons and daughters.

Catechism of the Catholic Church: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The family’s catechetical activity has a special character, which is in a sense irreplaceable. It is a document of life. Sometimes the Christian faith as well, while maintaining some of the externals of its tradition and rituals, tends to be separated from those moments of human existence which have the most significance, such as, birth, suffering and death.


No, rather let these words of the apostle sound a persuasive call: At this moment the lay faithful, in virtue of their participation in the prophetic mission of Christ, are fully part of this work of the Church.

Paul often condemned in his pastoral letters. The most recent Popes gave catechesis a place of eminence in their pastoral solicitude. Hahn, Scott — La Fe es razonable: This is the “Communion of Saints” which we profess in the Creed.

Purpose of This Exhortation 4.

From infancy until the threshold of maturity, catechesis is thus a permanent school of the faith and follows the major stages of life, like a beacon lighting the path of the child, the adolescent and the young person. This is one of the benefits of the liturgical renewal. The entire mission of the Church, then, is concentrated and manifested in eespaol.

In fact, at one and the same time it is characterized by a diversity and a complementarity cwtechesis vocations and states in life, of ministries, of charisms and responsibilities. The Church has never yielded in the face of all the violations that the right to life of every human being has received, and trxdendae to receive, both from individuals and from those in authority.

Many catehesis fathers rightly insisted that the rich heritage of the Church’s social teaching should, in appropriate forms, find a place in the general catechetical education of the faithful. Ttadendae aroused the clergy to their duty of giving catechetical instruction. While pointing out and experiencing the present urgency for a re-evangelization, the Church cannot withdraw from her ongoing mission of bringing the gospel to the multitudes -the millions and millions of men and women- who as yet do not know Christ the Redeemer of humanity.

The Church, in fact, lives in the world, even if she is not of the world cf. Baptism is the door and the foundation of communion in the Church. In this field the Church is present and working, every one of us, Pastors, priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful. In fact, Jesus says to his disciples: John the Evangelist invites us to go further and leads us to discover the mystery of the vine: Despite all this, then, humanity is able to hope.

The faith of these adults too should continually be enlightened, stimulated and renewed, so that it may pervade the temporal realities in their charge. It is on the basis fn revelation that catechesis will try espaaol set its course, revelation as transmitted by the universal magisterium of the Church, in its solemn or ordinary form.

In the Doctrinal Documents of the Catholic Church. The Eucharist e the source and summit of the whole Christian life cf. Luke links and at the same time distinguishes two poles in Christ’s mission.

Christifideles laici – Wikipedia

Accept therefore what I say to you from my heart. The call is a concern not only of Pastors, clergy, and men and women religious.


Christocentricity in catechesis also means the intention to transmit not one’s own teaching or that of some other master, but the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Truth that He communicates or, to put trademdae more precisely, the Truth that He is. Some of the most impressive Bishops and pastors, especially in the third and fourth centuries considered it an important part of their espiscopal ministry to deliver catechetical instructions and write treatises.

The Church today ought to take a giant step forward in her evangelization effort, catevhesis enter into a new stage of history in her missionary dynamism. Whether you are in charge of a parish, or are chaplains to primary or secondary schools or universities, or have responsibility for pastoral activity at any level, or are leaders of large or small communities, especially youth groups, the Church expects you to neglect nothing with a view to a well-organized and well-oriented catechetical effort.

To invoke this Spirit constantly, to be in communion with Him, to endeavor to know His authentic inspirations must be the attitude of the teaching Church and of every catechist.

According to the Biblical image of the vineyard, the lay faithful, together with all the other members of the Church, are branches engrafted to Christ the true vine, and from him derive their life and fruitfulness. The synod fathers were indeed inspired when they asked that care should be taken not to reduce Christ to His humanity alone or His message to a no more than earthly dimension, but that He should be recognized as the Son of God, the Mediator giving us in the Spirit free access to the Father.

It is comforting to think that at the present time every country is seeing valuable collaboration for a more organic and more secure renewal of these aspects of catechetics. Improvisation begets confusion on catschesis part of those being catecnesis catechesis and, when these are children, on the part of their parents; it also begets all kinds of deviations, and the fracturing and eventually the complete destruction of unity.

After having described the distinguishing features of the lay faithful on which catechessi dignity rests, we must at this moment reflect on their mission and responsibility in the Church and in the world.

It is a question of a freedom tradednae is to be acknowledged and guaranteed by ecclesial authority and always and only to be exercised in Church communion.

The communion of Christians with Jesus has the communion of God as Trinity, namely, the unity of the Son to catechesos Father in the gift of the Holy Spirit, as its model and source, and is itself the means to achieve this communion: