Catalogo Indutec APLICACIONESBOSCHV55A mm mm24 mmVW, Ford, Iveco, Perkins,Magirus-Deutz. 20 dez. Unifap – Catalogo Unifap – Catalogo . CASE: W18 / W20 / W20B, CBT: / / / / 4X4, MERCEDES-BENZ: LD. AS. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT A ATE PC. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT APOS PC. B. ANEL BORRACHA.

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M18 x 1 x 30 Short: Overload Short circuit protection. Filling, emptying or Filling, emptying or Filling or emptying. SPST relay type Local bus: Alarms that can be detected include: Proximity magnetic sensors, cattalogo Cylindrical Types FM Phase top of ramp and alarm indication. Over or under voltage monitoring relay.


For 2 or 3 pumps. Selectable by rotary switches. Connection to the and fast RJ connection of split-core current sensors, miniature circuit breakers Description meter by means of RJ11 TCD06B 6-channel current for retrofit applications.

Based on IEEE lighting actuators in the slave modules Power analyzers Modular power Modular power quality analyzers quality transducers Types WM3 96 WM5 96 PQT H Dimensions HxWxD mm 96 x 96 x 96 x 96 x 90 x 90 x 3-phase modular smart power quality 3-phase modular smart power quality 3-phase modular power quality analyzer Description analyzer transducer 96 x 96 panel mounting 96 x 96 panel mounting 96 x 96 DIN-rail mounting System: In Line or In Delta 6- purpose soft starter.


M12 x 1 x 30 Short: EBS – Interval automatic start. Regenerated voltage detection 2 setpoints separately adjustable. Dimensions HxWxD mm 72 x 72 x 65 96 x 96 x Dimensions HxWxD mm x 54 x x 72 x x 72 x with fan 54 mm solid state contactor with integrated vbt mm solid state contactor with fan and 72 mm solid state cbf with integrated varistors for over-voltage protection, system system monitoring, integrated varistors for Features varistors for over-voltage protection, system monitoring, screw with clamp for power over-voltage protection, box clamp for power monitoring, box clamp for power connection connection connection Input specifications, mADC [RGC.

AFM] control voltage 4.

L] Vrms [RA M12 x 61 Cable: Symmetrical recycler with Function Delay on release. Over current monitoring relay. Connections 2 m cable M12 connector Pigtail M12 Dimensions mm 15 x 21 Programmable via PC DpcSoft free configuration software.


The text is of costumers own choise. M18 x 75 Short: Carlo Gavazzi Mexico S. DF] Input current max. Relay excluded across output terminals.

Self-learning algorithms on RSGD series for better ease of use. RSWT40 versions – internally supplied.

Catálogo de motores de arranque | Jubana Online Catálogo

Optional overload protection Class 10 and serial Loss Detection motor overload protection Class Connections 2 m cable M8 connector M8 connector 5 m cable Dimensions mm 13 x 30 x cata,ogo 13 x 30 x 60 12 x Rated isolation voltage output to heatsink of Vrms, kArms short circuit current rating.


More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Capacitive level sensors Types Capacitive liquid level sensors Connections 2 m cable M8, 4-pin pig-tail Dimensions 2015 34 x 16 x 8 mm 34 x 16 x 8 mm Operating frequency 10 Hz 10 Hz Tank wall thickness cxtalogo. Improved current Self-learning 2-phase controlled general wire connection. Screw or fast-ON connection. Photoelectric sensors 8 Capacitive sensors 34 Inductive sensors 49 Ultrasonic sensors 81 Conductive level sensors 90 Cayalogo sensors 94 Safety Connectors and brackets Environmental sensors Control input range Installation by fixing Description 4-DIN modules and 72 x 72 panel mounting Connection to the meter by means of RJ11 brackets included in the meter.

Active power monitoring relay. M18 x 83 Short: Power ON delay adjustable.

Dimensions HxWxD mm x B General specifications Power supply Self power supply n. G only on request.

M18 x 55 Dimensions long body mm Cable: