GOTBAUM–Carol Anne Stiger, Funeral services were held Sunday for Carol Anne Stiger Gotbaum, who died tragically on September 28, beloved. results GOTBAUM–Carol. Congregation Rodeph Sholom mourns the untimely and tragic death of our member, Carol Gotbaum. We will miss her deep. Carol Gotbaum spent one night at the hospital. Betsy Gotbaum saw her in the emergency room after she awoke. “I’m ashamed of myself,” Carol.

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I can tell you what led to her death. A lack of listening, compassion, caring and understanding. I have been in similar situations in airports. I know how they people treat someone who is late for a plane.

Typically, they show no compassion and no understanding. They simply say “The flight is closed. I hope that the family of Carol sues the airline for not showing their mother any compassion.

I hope that they find psychologists to testify that when someone is upset, they just need someone to show some compassion, empathy and understanding. I fully believe Carol would be alive today if the airline staff had done this. I also believe she would still be alive if the police had done it.

They interviewed someone in the police and asked if he thought the way the officers handled things was “appropriate. It is probably partly because he is simply ignorant, and partly because he lacks innate carl intelligence.

It is also because of his training in the police force. Notice the word “force” in that term. The police captain or whoever it was, also said they were following standard procedure.

But this doesn’t make it the best thing to do. An unarmed, emotionally upset woman is not the same thing as a physically aggressive man with a weapon. So I hope that the family sues both the airline and the police force. I hope that win a huge settlement and they do something with the money to help change how airlines treat their customers and what the police call “standard procedure.

Caroo, just the day before yesterday I was telling some friends about how I got upset one time in the airport in Atlanta and I slammed my fist down on the computer monitor. I told them that they called the company management and then they asked me to go with them to an office where they listened to my complaint.

They did a good job of listening, which calmed me down quickly. They then gave me a small peace offering in the form of a free calling card so I could call the person who was waiting for me to let her know I would be late. I farol my friends that gktbaum I had done the same thing in the USA now they would probably call airport security and have me arrested instead of calling the airline manager and helping me feel understood. I totally believe this woman’s death could have easily been prevented with just some understanding on either the part of the airline or the police.

I am sorry I don’t have a PhD in psychology so I couldn’t be called in as an expert witness to testify. But I hope the family reads this and feels encouraged to bring about some changes in the standard business practices and police procedures. In it we see how quickly the police attempted to physically control her. It took only about 15 seconds from the time the first one arrived till the time one of them reached out to grab her. She reacted instinctively out of fear, backing away.

The officer then pursued her like a predator pursues its prey. Within seconds three officers had her surrounded and trapped. This clip only shows their initial assault on her. A few seconds later they had her pinned gtobaum the ground.


A few minutes later, she goybaum dead. In my opinion, the first officer who moved forward to grap her is guilty of accessory to murder. The other officers could have saved her life if they would have stopped the first one from physically pursuing her.

Instead, they joined in the kill.

If there is such a thing as emotional intelligence, these officers show their extreme lack of it, and show why screening for something that is really emotional intelligence, and not just the ability to conform and obey, would help prevent needless deaths like Carol’s. See also the killing of Robert Dziekanski.

Here is gotbau video which shows a good example of the kind of lack of compassion in the USA among many peope. Totbaum the experts say that Carol was showing a “lack of emotional intelligence” when she got so upset at the airport?

I think most of them probably would. They want us all to be something gptbaum zombies, accepting anything we are told or any way we are treated, and even smiling about it, and encouraging others to go along with the same abuse.

My own belief is that Carol was an intelligent, sensitive, emotionally intelligent person who was in some way abused as a child and teen. If she went through ccarol years or so of public schools in the USA; then I would say she was almost definitely emotionally and psychologically abused from that alone. I created the “Born in America Disorder” page as a satire, but there is a lot of truth in it.

If you are an intelligent, sensitive person who actually feels in the USA, and who tries to fight the system, or even change it, you are a candidate for the mental hospital, rehab center or jail. This is a good case of how the word “appropriate” is very subjective. We have to ask “appropriate for who? I suggest we ask “Was it healthy for Carol?

Yet the police authority said that it was “absolutely” appropriate. And should we even use this word at all? Does it mean anything if two people can have totally different understandings of it?

One person who saw what happened to Carol said the police didn’t even try to talk to her, ask her what was wrong or tell her to calm down.

I suggest that asking her what was wrong would have been healthy for her, but not telling her to calm down. I find people calm down much more quickly and completely when someone is really listening to them. In the interview of the police captain, or whoever it was, the reporter asked if she were “resisting arrest”.

The police authority said yes and used this as justification for the the way the officers tackled her and handcuffed her. They seem to think that we should not feel our instinctive feelings to get away from someone trying to control and hurt us.

Locking us up is hurting us because it deprives us of caril freedom. I am sure Carol felt afraid, if not terrified of the officers and of being locked up.

David Schwartz

She was already upset because she had missed her flight. She felt out of control and being arrested and restrained would make her feel even less in control.

So to me, resisting arrest is absolutely normal and no one should be punished for it. Those with power seem to want the rest of us to gotbauj not have our feelings, or any feelings which interfere with what they want us to do and how they want us to behave. In some cases they make it illegal to even verbally express our feelings in any ways they believe is “inappropriate”, such as the sign in one police office that said something like profane language will not be allowed.

The family of Carol Anne Gotbaum hoped an autopsy in Phoenix Tuesday would shed more light on how the mother of gotbakm died while handcuffed in a police holding cell, after an outburst at the airport led to her arrest for disorderly conduct.


There was no word on results by afternoon, but the autopsy could determine how a trip to an alcohol rehab facility ended in death for the year-old New Yorker. Toxicology and other tests might be needed to reach a final conclusion about what happened.

The life and death of Carol Anne Gotbaum – NY Daily News

gotbauum The witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Gotbaum became so upset that she threw her phone down and broke it. Others in the airport were alarmed and rattled by her behavior, according to the witness. She cried out for help at the airport, but her pleas appear to have been met by mistreatment. Phoenix authorities told FOXNews. The two officers who arrived on the scene were unsuccessful in calming her down, so they handcuffed her and took her to a holding cell in their bureau at the airport.

When she stopped shouting after about five or 10 minutes, officers became concerned, checked on her and found her unresponsive, he said. Efforts to revive her failed. Again, this is a possible explanation only from investigators, and the medical examiner will have to make a determination as to the manner and cause of death.

The Gotbaum family hired high-profile lawyer Michael Manning to do his own investigation into Carol Anne’s death.

Manning, who represented the U. He said the family hasn’t decided whether to sue Phoenix police. We want to see what exactly happened to her. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Carol Gotbaum, a mother of three and a resident of the Upper West Side in Manhattan, died in the custody of police in Phoenix, Arizona.

It happened Friday night; the family just disclosed yesterday afternoon that Gotbaum was on her way to an alcohol rehab in Tucson — a short flight from Phoenix. Apparently she caorl her flight and became angry. That started a ruckus and she was detained. She was handcuffed and left alone; cops say during that time she tried to move her bound hands from behind her back to in front.

She apparently strangled herself in the process, although the autopsy will tell us for sure. I talked to someone who saw Gotbaum drop off her kids at school Friday morning, and they gogbaum she seemed quite normal, whatever that carll means. We all live inner lives, with our own secrets that are rarely shared with others. It’s a sad story at best. But if the police mishandled the situation, as her family now clearly believes they’ve hired a lawyer, and have stated she was ‘manhandled’then more will come gobtaum.

Betsy Gotbaum, a possible candidate for Mayor, is a strong, assertive person. Throw in her role as stepmother, and she is not one to let go until the truth will out.


Carol Gotbaum – Wikipedia

PHOENIX — A woman who died after being handcuffed and detained at the Phoenix airport was on her way to an alcohol rehabilitation program in Tucson, her family said Gtobaum, accusing police of manhandling her during the ordeal. Officers handcuffed her behind her back and took her to a holding room, where she kept screaming, authorities said.

Betsy Gotbaum, the victim’s stepmother-in-law who also is New York City’s public advocate, also is dismayed over initial reports about the case. Carol Ann Gotbaum may have accidentally strangled herself while trying to get out of her handcuffs, Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sgt.