The Ebook team is looking for someone interested in interacting with the latest These companies have partnered with CareerUp to help them recruit talented. Win At Work: An eBook From Forbes ยท Land a great job, handle your boss and get ahead today. I don’t want to deter anyone from hunting for. Justinmind has selected 9 must-read eBooks for product managers, whether you’ re looking to polish your current skills or move your career up.

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Must-read eBooks for Product Managers to boost software development, prototyping, analysis and user experience skills. Working between development and marketing teams, they have to get non-techies to understand complicated products, keep things Lean, manage user needs and stay on top of the competition at all times.

2018 Summer Internship Program – Ebook Development and Operations job

Not to mention being top communicators and managing uncertainty on the daily. Fortunately, there are resources out there to help Product Managers stay on top of these demands. In addition to some great offline and online courses based around UX and design, eBooks give PMs the chance to study up in their spare time.


For Product Managers looking for a clearly laid-out, comprehensible guide to building products people actually want, then Build Better Products is a great place to start.

What makes the book especially good for PMs is its unswerving focus on the bottom line. How to Build Habit-Forming Products. In the free supplemental Hooked workbook now available, Nir zooms in on how to apply the general principles of Hooked to particular businesses. The best part is that it eally is an old-school style workbook, with thought-provoking exercises designed to establish the good habits behind successful product design and management. The book walks readers through the profit paybacks of UX-proofing a large organization, plus has tips on maximizing internal productivity through UX.

Making an Enterprise UX Friendly provides a practical guide to the how to build UX into an enterprise from the ground up, supplemented with expert insights and real-world examples. Making an Enterprise UX Friendly: A Quick Guide, free.

As the title points out this is a survival guide, so expect plenty of templates and real-world exercises aimed at establishing good PM practices no matter what the project. Bestseller Getting Real is a product development classic. Ever wondered why smart people keep making bad software? Alan Cooper attempts to find out in The Inmates are Running the Asyluman engaging and irreverent look at software development in the US.


Author, UX consultant and college professor Jaime Levy provides the missing link for many product managers: Highly recommended for Product Managers cwreerup want to stay on top of everything that feeds into strategy, from competitor research and analysis, to experimenting on prototypes and knowing your user.

9 must-read eBooks for Product Managers: prototyping, UX & killer enterprise software

eboo Wrong, says Charles Wheelan in Naked Statistics. In Fact, stats are the new sexy and are an essential part of working out why some products fail and some triumph. PMs will gain insight into algorithms, development experiment outcomes and data analysis. Sign in Get started. Justinmind Blocked Unblock Follow Following.

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