The website for the fiction writer Edan Lepucki. friendships, set in the posh hills above Los Angeles, from the New York Times bestselling author of California. Edan Lepucki sets her debut novel, California, somewhere in the s. The nearness of this era helps make her vision both more discomfiting. Edan Lepucki comes to the telephone out of breath and laughing. “I’m escaping from my children!” she cries, and I can hear said offspring.

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Is Lepucki planning a sequel?

Frida was a very well rounded character but I did feel that her lepcki was more roughly portrayed. Why hasn’t her body stopped using precious resources to bleed?

Jul 10, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: My skepticism started with Cal and Frida. Some cities are inhabitable and several large corporations, two which names made me chuckle because they are so much in the news for their strong arm tactics, have started secure gated communities.

And almost without exception, the characters’ motivations don’t make sense.

We might be there already. She is an ardent feminist in lipservice but never in action.


My interest is really in domestic drama and what I mean by that is drama in enclosed spaces. The protagonists abandon their former lives and seek the support of a community ca,ifornia which to raise their child. Videos About This Book. Cal and Frida are a young couple who are living off the grid, alone in the woods.

California by Edan Lepucki

I couldn’t quite picture the lay of the land at times, as it was described, functioning in the way the author asks us to believe Voice also goes back and forth between Cal and Frida, giving the reader insight into their inner thoughts.

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I liked the book but probably retain more edam than praise. Where I got the book: Things change when Frida realizes she may be pregnant.

None of these people seems very good at survival either. In the beginning, I had hope that Lepucki was going to write a scathing critique califoria the nostalgia for patriarchy inherent in calidornia genre, but a third of the way in, our heroine is baking and fretting over a pregnancy, and in a move to jump start a leaden climax, makes a decision akin to ripping off her bikini and leaping into shark infe Spoilers below.

I read drafts of this at various stages and since I know the author in the Biblical sense hey nowI am completely incapable of giving an unbiased review. And it seems like all they ever do is have sex.

Then once Frida decides pepucki is calfiornia they head to another settlement so they can be around people. Whereas the first half of California supplies evocative scenes and sentences, such as a haunting moment of confrontation with a starving pepucki, attention to the visceral quality of life in this particular future diminishes as the book becomes concerned with ins and outs of a wider conspiracy and authorially dangled secrets.

Also, a bit like in Children of Menshe effectively uses an unborn child as a symbol of hope, of life continuing: This was, simply put, the worst book I have read in recent memory. Where the book really edsn up pace and gets interesting is once they discover the settlement or camp of people nearby and take the leap to move from being on their own to blending in and knowing this community of survivors.

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It is utterly unlike any post-apocalyptic fiction I’ve read before.

Edan Lepucki on Dick Pics, California, and Motherhood | Literary Hub

You want to find out how this quasi-anarchic outpost in the sticks came to be so distrustful pirates! That book rose to unprecedented sales after Stephen Colbert told his viewers to buy it directly from their shared publisher, Hachette, instead of ordering it from Amazon—one report said that Lepucki signed 10, copies in three days to keep up with the demand. Not because of the swearing, but because of the forced tone.

Keep your eye out for that one. They head off and –surprise! They are in love- they are alone- they have what they need Cal is stuck between reliving glory days at college and thinking testosterone-laden thoughts about his wife.

Then there’s Frida and Cal living alone in a house: The brother and Cal could very well have noticed but it’d have been a thousand times less disgusting if Cal and the brother had asked Frida directly about the validity of her pregnancy. Why did I choose a character who cannot speak? You make your own mind up. Goin’ back to Cali? That was the thing: View all 7 comments. Mar 07, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: I would gladly suffer the likes of Annihilation and We Were Liars over ever encountering California or its author’s future literary “efforts” again View all 11 comments.